Opinions Plzzzz between speedy 30 monogram canvas VS damier canvas

  1. It will be my first can LV(;)
    Plz give your opinion both PROS and CONS. Thanks a lot.

    Next will be a wallet. Plz recs too. open for everything.

  2. Hey, you should do a search on this, there have been many threads on this with lots of helpful info in it! :yes:

    Monogram has vachetta on it so if you don't like vachetta and the patina it goes through, then I'd say go for Damier. You can pretty much use Damier in the rain/snow as well, whereas Monogram would probably get water marks on the vachetta. It's just a matter of preference. Both bags are amazing and don't forgot to post pics when you get decide on one! :yahoo:
  3. My personal preferences is the mono speedy, although you can make a good cases for the damier ebene speedy. With the damier you do not have to worry about the weather even when the bag is brand new
    Ultimately I would go into the boutique and see which one calls to me.
    I have the mono 30 speedy which I love and for the damier I did the Berkley for a slightly different look.
  4. There's just no "right" or "wrong" answer to this one! If you want the standard, recognizable LV, then go for the Monogram. If you're comfortable with a bag that is 100% LV, but perhaps not as obvious about it, go for the Damier. If the thought of the vachetta darkening bothers you, Damier. If you like the vachetta or it doesn't bother you, Mono. If you like the moderate brown and goldish tones of the Mono, get that. If you prefer the richer, deeper brown and almost black of the Damier, get that. They're both gorgeous, classic, dress-me-up or dress-me-down bags -- neither one is a bad choice. (BTW, have you thought about the Azur...?:graucho:)
  5. Now that I know all the pros and cons of both (I own both speedies), if I only had to pick one it would be Damier! Good luck:smile: