Opinions plz - LAX or Sharpei?

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  1. Out of the 2 styles: I like the Sharpei much more, but the leather is soft, I agree w/ you in regards of the LAX tote, the big Chanel wording turns me off too, but the leather might hold up better.
    Have you check our reference library for more styles?
  2. #3 Jan 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2009
    I vote for the Sharpei. I'm not a fan of how the LAX tote "wings" out on the sides (when it's unzipped). My friend has the Sharpei N/S and loves it....
  3. I like the sharpei tote, better. But, I think the leather on the LAX bag, might be easier to take care of.
  4. Another Vote for sharpei!!^^
  5. you all bring up some great points! thanks for your feedback! keep them coming!
  6. These LAX bags are HUGE! The one in my avatar is the LAX large camera bag. They hold up well...no scratches. You don't even see the name cause it's tucked under your arm. There was also a small camera bag and the E/W version. I thought the E/W version was a little "short" from top to bottom. Good luck with your decision!
  7. I think the Sharpei looks more feminine and will go with more outfit. The LAX is too box IMO. Especially if you are petite.
  8. I prefer the sharpei ;)
  9. lax! i got my mom the tote(no zip). the letters are not too overstated. she loves it so much!
  10. The LAX is not too boxy, it a beautiful and chic bag, especially in ivory. To me, the sharpei is nice too but the LAX give you a more younger and trendy look. LAX is looking very nice on shoulder and carry by hand. I have a small red LAX tote that I use everyday ( very easy to take care of) and it also nice to wear it to go out at night. The only thing I don't like about the LAX is it is open top (no zipper or snap), otherwise, it would have been a perfect bag.