Opinions pls~ should I keep this bag?

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  1. I've got this Michael Kors Astor II for $130 at Nordies year-end sale...and I luv the fact that I can carry a lot stuff w/ me. But then, mom thinks I look old when I carry this bag(I'm 22)...well..I just need a throw around bag(I like satchels) to use everyday..Any one has any suggestions under $150 price range? Thanks =))
  2. Well, I don't think that looks like an old lady bag at all. Sorry I don't have a suggestion right now. What color, how big, same amt. of metal as the one in the photo? Just to narrow it down a bit.
  3. I like it and I don't think it looks old lady-ish at all. The studs save it from being old lady-ish to me.
  4. I think this is a cool bag and the price is perfect for a MK satchel. It doesn't look old-ladyish at all. I like the gold hardware detail and I am sure the leather is yummy.
  5. Love the hamster in your avatar! Your MK bag looks cool.
  6. I quite like the style of the bag actually!
  7. i think it's a great bag!
    and for that price... i think you should keep it :P the leather looks nice!
  8. I like it a lot!
  9. i ADORE IT!
  10. I like that a lot. If you got it on sale - keep it!
  11. thank you all gals~~~:heart: I decided to keep it...I can really see myself use it everyday~~~ but I've heard the poor quality of MK low end bags...do you gals think this bag is gonna last over a year and not fall apart?
  12. A steal for a stylish studded handbag - KEEP IT! If your mom still thinks it looks old lady like, tie a bright or animal print scarf on it
  13. That is a nice lookin' bag and a good price for MK... I think you should keep it. Besides, it's basic black. We ALL need at least one good basic black. If you don't want to sling it around everyday, that means it's time for another bag....YAY!!!!

  14. more pic: Nyckei, thx for ur post. The bag is actally in chocolate =)

  15. It's a nice bag! Maybe you can post a pic with you holding the bag?