opinions pls...saleya or neverfull??

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  1. Hi everyone, so im looking to buy a shopper/tote type damier bag and i think ive narrowed it down to Saleya MM or the Neverfull??
    I like the fact saleya has zip closed top, but the neverfull i just love the contrast of the red interior and the damier print,,, im sooo undecided pls help...Also do they do cabas mezzo in damier, how would i get it?? or any other suggestions, im so undecided, :-S pls helllp, thank you so much X
  2. I returned my neverfull b/c I found the straps too uncomfortable, so I'd recommend the Saleya. I also really like being able to zip things closed on bags I carry on a daily basis.
  3. i have a Damier Neverfull and I absolutely love it. i thought the straps would be uncomfortable for me but they actually werent. anyway i like how light the neverfull is..i imagine the saleya would be a bit heavier. i think the neverfull also fits quite comfortably under the arm, because it does not have a very wide base
  4. I have a Damier Neverfull MM and I love this bag sooooooo much. It is a lovely looking, practical bag for everyday. You cannot go wrong with this. :yahoo::tup:
  5. I have both... The neverfull is actually more comfy. The rolled handles on the saleya can become uncomfortable. But I do like the fact that the saleya does have a zipper.
  6. You also might want to consider the new LV Damier Azur Totally. I believe it is supposed to be released sometime in March. THere is a pm and gm version (approx. $875 and $1000 respectively).

    It is to have flat handles, a zippered top and two outside end pockets. Go to this link and if you scroll down to the bottom there are two big pictures posted. I LOVE this new bag, but am hoping it it might be available in the regular Damier print, too.


  7. saleya!!!
  8. I have the Saleya MM and love it!
  9. I have a Damier Saleya GM and love love love it :heart::yes:

    It's a great shoulder bag and I really like it has a zip top.

    I had a NF GM a while back but returned it and got the Palermo GM instead.

    The NF was nice but I liked a little more structure and a zip top. :smile:
  10. I tried the Saleya and the straps were not too comfy. I have the NF MM and I love it!
  11. awww thanks for all your answers, much appreciated...I think I may decide on the NF but its not out in Bahrain until March so I just have to wait patiently until then, hopefully when i try it on i wont change my mind to saleya, hehe! Ill see what the DH thinks also, he's always a good help :smile:
    Thank you so much everyone X
  12. i bought the saleya and went back to return for the neverfull and i love it!
  13. The NF is much more prettier than the Saleya, imo. Especially the red interior is eye-catching.
  14. Saleya.
  15. Saleya seems much better quality, lots of complaints about NF Damier leather peeling on handles etc, crooked stitching, pockets stitching back on itself, uncomfortable handles, shapeless, top too open etc etc... Saleya in a large size would be ideal, that's what I plan to get eventually.