Opinions pls on these Manolo Mary Jane's!?!

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  1. What do you think of these? I have them sitting in my cart waiting to purchase but I wondering what I would wear them with etc... What do you think of them?

    TIA! :nuts:

  2. OKay I bought them. The last 7 they had. I would still like opinions though! LOL I am such a monster tard!
  3. Every time I see those Mary Jane's I want them more! I think they would look great in a casual outfit with nice bootcut jeans, form fitting velvet blazer or with a cute little black dress to add some color.
  4. Thanks for responding. I really wanted the black but I can't find them anywhere. However, I think these red ones will be hot!
  5. I saw the black one in real life yesterday and they're gorgeous! If you're still interested in a pair of black, you should call Saks in Pittsburgh [SIZE=-1](412) 263-4800.

  6. Oh thanks for the tip! I should get these in 2 days and if I love them then i will definately be getting black as well. They just look so sexy! Of course I think about Sex in the City when I see them! LOL
  7. Beautiful! Good choice in the black and the red!
  8. I have them in black and they are the most comfortable pair of shoes that I own. I am a Louboutin devotee but purchased these for their classic look. If I were a red gal I would purchase them in a heartbeat. I have seen them in navy and would consider buying those. Good choice - wear with jeans and a t because they deserve to be looked at.
  9. I agree with shoegal!
    I also have these in black and love them!!!!
    They are so versitile which is what makes them great. You can wear them with jeans, skirt, dress....
  10. i LOVE them. But i loovveee maryjanes! and red! hehe
  11. I love the Mary Jane's. I think they are gorgeous and look great with everything. Good choice.
  12. I love them!! I'm glad you bought them, I think they are gorgeous! Another member has them, and posted wearing them...they looked amazing!!
  13. I love those. Really really cute. Take a picture of you wearing them so we can see...:yes:
  14. Count me in - I LOVE those! Such a classic shape, goes with everything. Red is a good choice for the holidays too!