Opinions, Pls? Luv My Luco Bt Looking for A New LV Tote Bag

  1. Hello LV Lovers and experts! So glad I found this forum! I am in need of your opinion, please! I am thinking of purchasing a new Louis Vuitton tote-bag. Which style do you think would come close to a Luco?...The forgotten Luco, I purchased in '06 before it was discontinued last year? I still love it, received compliments on it recently after having used abroad as a result of my being up rightnow at 3:00 a.m. with jetlag! I have browsed the styles: Palermo, Neverfull and Batignolle. I don't know what other choices there are? I prefer a zipped top, not too bulky bottom with less vachetta trimmings/bottom, as I get too worried about prone to spots. Not sure if I'm missed knowing other new monogram LV tote-bag styles to choose from? (or perhaps if none, hold off and see what comes out next?). Your input is appreciated! Thanks!:girlsigh:
  2. i think that the madeline epi in pm or gm and the passy gm and segur are all lovely.
    damier saleya and hamstead

    these are all really nice ones that are from different lines.
    hope u find one u love
  3. Well, I think Palermo is a great choice with the 2 strap options and it does have a zip top. If you want to avoid vachetta on the bottom and have a zipper, that's about your best choice.
  4. Have you considered the Hampstead? I got mine in December -- first Damier LV. I use it a lot and it holds tons of stuff. It comes in three sizes. It doesn't have a zipper, but the sides cinch in at the top with snaps so it doesn't look like a straight up-and-down tote. Also, there's a hook closure that keeps the top reasonably closed.
    Good luck and happy hunting!!
  5. know whatcha mean...IMO, Palermo is what come to mind in monos but yap bottom is way too wide for me too. I'm afraid I'd hold off if nothing seems right to you at present time. Lovin my luco too!