Opinions pleeeeeeease

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  1. Hello everyone,

    It seems really quiet around here but I am really enjoying the purseforum, it is my new addiction:smile:)).

    Since I did not get a lot of response to my previous post when I was thinking between two bags I figured people in general did not really like them. I am sort of thinking now that since I could not decide between the two maybe neither was to be my next bag.

    So... I am now considering a third one instead lol. When I first went into the Burberry store I was actually instantly drawn to this bag:


    What do you think? Like it or not?

    That time I got the Nova thinking it was better for what I needed then and more durable. Now I still need something I could wear with brown too and this bag I could but I think it is also really stylish. Love that it is lighter and great for not only winter.

    Also, it does seem delicate because of the off white parts (they really are more off white than stark white IRL), if anyone has this can you let me know how it holds up? They told me at the store that Burberry can clean it for me periodically or I can take it to the cleaners.

    Thanks so much in advance, I would really appreciate your opinions.

  2. This is my fave by far. I think its super chic!
  3. Thanks so much for your response, I feel the same way and my friend at work looked at all three and asked me if I minded if she got this one too lol...
  4. The bag is pretty and simple. I say go for it if it's a bag you love.
  5. I would go for this one too! The one thing I was wondering though is if IRL it's more summery? It might not fit with what you want it for then but if it's not, then go for it!

    But you should still get the novo berry bag and we can be purse twins!! :smile:
  6. Sorry, I'm not a fan of the bold check print but what matters is if you like it. ;)
  7. Thank you for all your opinions. I think this bag is not that summery it could work for both seasons. I like it because it is sort of different but it could bother me if it gets dirty real fast. Oh yeah, the berry red is definitely one I would love to get, it is really annoying that they do not carry it is Europe, no clue why as I think that red bags or bags with red are very hot over here.

  8. I like it. The exploded check is growing on me. Have you made a decision yet?
  9. I think it is really cute!!! have you decided on one yet?
  10. Super cute bag! I say go for it!
  11. Hello everyone,

    Thanks for all your opinions! Yes, I have decided to get it this week. I saw it IRL when I got my Nova and first loved this bag but for everyday it may be a bit too delicate because of the off-white color, as a second Burberry bag though I think it is great and I love it too, it is kinda different and I think wonderful in the summer too. Somehow recently I have been drawn to ligher colored bags, perhaps I used to wear too much black before.
  12. ooh its cute..get it!! :smile:
  13. thats alot nicer then any thing Nova
  14. Hahaha, thanks Old, it is nice to hear an expert opinion:smile:)). I do love my Nova but I love this one more, I may have to baby it a bit though.
  15. Cute bag and will be great for the winter time too!