Opinions please!!

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  1. Went to look for boy and found this. If I had all the money in the world it would be a no-brainer however I didn't want to make any rash decisions as I've been waiting to buy a reissue... Help please!

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  2. It's a medium size, doesn't come any larger. I usually prefer larger bags but really like this one
  3. My eyes were instantly drawn to the reissue on the glass counter. The bag you're wearing is beautiful too but in my opinion, a reissue is worth waiting for. Don't settle.
  4. Haha - same! My eyes immediately went to the reissue. Wait it out, girl! :P
  5. If the reissue is what you want, I don't think you would be happy even if you purchased this bag. I think it's a beautiful bag, but the reissue is in a league on its own. :smile:
  6. Reissue please! Keep your eyes on the prize.
  7. I like it! Great size and interesting details. I wasn't 100% sure about the hardware details near the Cs but like it more and more as I look at it
  8. What's the price point?
  9. It's a nice bag but nothing beats a reissue, nothing.
  10. Definitely wait for reissue
  11. Thank you all! It's 4600 CAD
  12. Reissue!!!!!
  13. Never ever settle at these Chanel prices. Get exactly what you want.

    Having said that, the bag looks gorgeous on you, especially with your outfit. I am more drawn to this non-classic, but I have to disclose that I'm not a big reissue fan.
  14. Reissue all the way!
  15. Reissue!! Wait for what you want!