Opinions please :)

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    If you wouldn't mind, I would love to get your opinion on the Tivoli PM on me. Any experiences someone would like to share are greatly appreciated also :biggrin:.

    Thank you!

  2. I think it looks great on you and it's size suits you perfectly. The main thing is if you like it though, if you do then go for it :smile:

    I don't have the Tivoli but I love bags with pleats!

  3. The Tivoli PM looks great on you! I got it when it first came out... Randomly walked into an LV store, they had one in stock, and I bought it. Then later I found out that it was sold out everywhere and it was hard to get one for a while (talking about being super lucky!!). I carried it every day and I couldn't look at my other bags for a long, long time because I was so in love with it. It developed a nice patina and I got compliments everywhere I went. I had the bag for about 4 years before I sold it. In the end, I was getting really tired of handheld bags... I recently got a Mazarine PM in Taupe and it reminded me a lot of the Tivoli PM, except it has a shoulder strap (a big plus for me)! I love having the opinion of carrying the bag cross body. Anyways, I think Tivoli is a great, beautiful bag, but I don't miss it because it doesn't fit my lifestyle anymore. Btw, the "fold" on the back of my Tivoli was somewhat flattened after using it every day. I think it was from all the pressure of it laying against my body (when I carried it on my arm). The same thing is happening to my Mazarine so just a heads up!
  4. +1
  5. I don't own a Tivoli, but I think she looks really cute on you. :tup:
  6. I think it looks nice on u- not overwhelming at all, right size
  7. She looks nice on you. Tivoli PM was my first LV love and I still believe she has one of the most beautiful styles LV ever made :smile:. I bought mine in 2012, she has a beautiful patina. Don't use her very often, because I use my shoulder or crossbody bags more, but I'm still in love with my beautiful Tivoli and never will let her go ;)!
  8. Looks cute on you !!! I always liked this bag .
  9. The Tivoli is a very good looking bag. The size looks perfect on you. It's not a shoulder bag though. So that's something to think about. If you generally like holding purses in your hand or crook of your arm, then it's the perfect purse for you.
  10. Looks wonderful on you!
  11. Thank you very much! I do like her and fits all my stuff. It's nice to get others opinions because it's so easy to get "wrapped" up these purchases, if you know what I mean lol. Thank you!
  12. Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I completely understand what you are saying. All my speedys have gone off to other homes to be replaced by the speedy b now that I have a little one. I have just been so focused on practicality with him, that I'm thinking this can be my oh just for fun bag. I tend to carry things in the crook of my arm I find, they just naturally go there, unless I wear something crossbody. Thank you again for sharing your experience! I love the Mazarine btw! I have my eye on it :smile: I chose retiro noir instead for now, but I still think about the Mazarine.
  13. Thank you!! :smile:
  14. Thank you! I was concerned about her looking too small lol. Thank you so much!!
  15. This is exactly how I see this bag being used, not often when I do, I will really appreciate having her :smile: thank you for replying!