Opinions, Please?

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    I've been on a mad, possessed search for "the" red handbag and ran across this Furla. I started to post the large picture, but it was LARGE, so here's the little one. The leather looks really nice, but I'm not familiar with Furla handbags beyond liking their looks.

    Feedback would be appreciated! :tender:
  2. I like it...it's a nice red. Furla makes really nice bags...I consider them along the same lines as Cole Haan.
  3. That's a very classy and neat looking bag. I don't know much about the brand...but I like it. Good choice!
  4. I like that shade of red. I'm trying to find a red bag as well.
  5. thats a neat looking red bag and the color is great
  6. Nice bag, love the gold hardware, and it's a soft, subtle red-almost a neutral, not a too-bright red. Go for it!
  7. Really nice bag plus Furla is a nice brand - along the lines of Coccinelle or Michael Kors second lines

    Great colour
  8. Well, she's on her way. Have a look.

    Furla 'Ascot Grande' Shoulder Bag - - Nordstrom.com

    I hope the color IRL looks like the website. It's the perfect cherry red I've been wanting. I like that it has a hint of the Gucci Bouvier in it's styling. The price is certainly easier to take than another Gucci!

    If anyone else is interested in this one, the SA I did an online chat with told me that this bag is so new that there are only five of them in all of Nordstrom and they are only on the website (none in the stores yet)......excuse me, make that four. :graucho:

    If she's a keeper, I'll post some pics when she arrives.
  9. it's pretty! u should get that :p
  10. ^^ Congrats. Furla bags are great, they are very well made. =)
  11. Furla makes great handbags, they are very well made and very stylish--the red one you picked out is gorgeous. :yes:
  12. I like it!
  13. I really like that shade of red. Don't know much about Furla, though.
  14. I don't know much about the designer, but I like that bag.
  15. I think the bag is great! Furla makes wonderful bags.