Opinions please :)


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Jul 4, 2011
I just ordered this mini Mac. I could not beat the price. I think in person it will be more brownish orange. The picture does make it look yellowish. I went for it when I saw the price. I really think it will go with most colors. But I am not a matchy matchy person when it comes to my handbags. If I get a new nice leather handbag that I am excited about I will wear it with everything. I say go for it! I will try to post a pic as soon as I get it. I just ordered it yesterday.


Feb 3, 2012
Thats why I want to order it because of the sale, but you have to pay return shipping so thats a bummer if I end up hating it. I just dont want it to be like a terracotta brown. Im hoping its more of a neutral brown.