Opinions Please!!

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  1. Hi,

    I just received my first Mulberry and am unsure about whether or not I should keep it. I really like the look of the bag and the strap is beautiful. But not sure if looks too high up when I wear crossbody or if I will be able to deal with the two pushlocks under the front flap.
    So I guess, first off, how does it look on me and secondly, for those of you that have the Edie how do you find the ease of getting in to it with the pushlocks? TIA




  2. Hi,

    This is my first post on here so my thoughts might not be taken seriously! I think it looks fab! I have a couple of messenger bags and they are longer than that, they annoy me as they hit my bum as I walk :smile:

    Hope you dont mind me joining in.x
  3. I think it's a gorgeous bag but I do see what you mean, it does look quite short worn as a crossbody, is there any way to make it longer? It looks perfect on the crook of your arm though! :biggrin:
  4. I've got the same bag, I absolutely love it but I can't wear it cross body because I think the strap's too short. Although that has not put me off it.

    Your other option would be to get another strap for it. There's a thread on here somewhere about other guitar straps and the person who sells them will put the correct fasteners on the ends so you can attach them to the bag. Sorry I can't remember who posted it but try doing a search on guitar straps.
  5. I think it looks wicked on you, I have been looking for a small edie they are now quite hard to find in this colour so well done you on getting one I am really sad mulberry pulled the style I much prefer it to the tillie as I love the postman lock real mulberry with nice thick hard wearing leather like the mitzys.
    I get what you say about strap length but quite a few bag designers have been making models that seem to almost to be tucked under your armpit! I am guessing you could get everything out of the bottom without needing to raise the bag height which could be a big plus longer straps often mean literally putting it down on a table or something to have a dig about.
  6. I got my modified guitar strap from Boneca Linda on Etsy and she was wonderful to work with.
  7. The bag looks terrific on you IMO! I honestly think it's just a matter of getting used to a shorter strap. I have started wearing my Antony on a shorter length and the advantage is that is stays neatly against your body, with no flapping against your thigh. And as Ondrea says, it's easier to find stuff if the bag is that bit higher up.

    Two pushlocks could be a bit of a faff though, but I guess you don't have to fasten them all of the time...
  8. I think it looks great on you! I have an alexa that is super duper long and I'd rather it was this length.
  9. I think it looks awesome! I have this same bag, but in large and as a plus sized gal, the larger one has a slightly longer strap and for some reason, it looks really good on me. I'd keep it! :smile:
  10. The Edie is a lovely bag. I find the strap a bit short to wear crossbody, I only do it when on a bicycle. On foot I wear it on the shoulder and for that the length is perfect. The pushlocks don't bother me, about the same as with an Alexa, and they are both safe for pick pockets. You can always get another strap if you find it too short. I would definitely keep it, the are also quite rare.
  11. I have the same Edie as you and with regards to the push locks, I don't bother to do them up when I am carrying the bag on my shoulder as the postmans lock secures the bag.
    I only do them up when I am carrying by the top handle or going somewhere slightly 'dodgy' - like a crowded underground station!
  12. Haven't used mine yet but I brought it knowing it was a shoulder bag, I sold my Ledbury and the edie is the replacement as I like the idea of having the shoulder strap or the top handle. It has the same sort of push lock as the tillie and I sometimes close that fully and sometimes don't.
  13. I wanted to extend my (non-M) messenger too, so ordered '3½" BOLT SNAP SHOULDER STRAP EXTENSION FOR COACH BAG' from US eBay seller called "silver-coach" - I don't know Edie's h/w colour but antique brass worked fine for me even though the bag's h/w is dark-silver side.

    Looks great on you as it is imo, especially when you put it on your side it looks perfect.

    Good luck, whole new guitar strap may be the best option?? :smile:
  14. Think the bag is nice, but to be honest the strap is too short to be worn across the body. More of a shoulder strap i think. You could always buy a longer mulberry strap and attach that.
  15. Lovely Edie, does look a bit short as a cross body but doesn't look too unstylish! Does it feel comfortable for you like that? Thats the most important thing :smile: