opinions please

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  1. hi guys i need ur help.. i'm looking to purchase a new bag for myself for christmas.. i'm just not sure which of this 2 should i get. i would really appreaciate your opinion.. thanks in advance.

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  2. I like the first one best just because you will be able to easily throw it over your shoulder whereas with the other it is basically only a handheld bag.
  3. Out of those two, I like the 2nd one best, have you looked at the Manhattan pm? It was my 1st LV and I still love it to death!
  4. They are both nice and classy, but I also like the first one.. it's easier to carry around!
  5. First one.
  6. the haut! saw a lady carrying it today and it's so cute!
  7. I like the first one better.
  8. First one --looks nice
  9. First one as well :smile:
  10. Second one!!!
  11. First one - more versatile, yet enduring style
  12. I think the second one's cuter and younger.
  13. I love the second one
  14. thanks guys.. looks like the "haut" is winning.. we'll see what i ended up getting tomorrow.. pls. post more comments to help me with my choice.. thank you all:yahoo:
  15. First one!:yes: