Opinions Please

  1. I kind of like this bag, my co worker (a guy) said it looks like a trash bag. Opinions please.
  2. Does not look like any trash bag I have ever seen! It's cute.
  3. I like the style fine, but I personally don't like the material/finish on it.
  4. It's not my style. The shape is cute but the finish isn't.
  5. I agree, the style is cute but the finish is not so nice. Looks like someone went crazy with gold dust.
  6. He's really Mr. Tactful, huh? I like the shape, but I'm less fond of the color/finish. Definitely not reminding me of a trash bag, tho. If you love it, who cares what he thinks?
  7. Same here, I think it might look nicer in a solid color. Looks like there's too much going on, know what I mean?
  8. ITA...
    In the end if you love it, that's what matters!
  9. I don't love it, I thought it was okay, it's a Tess something and its only $19, pretty good for leather. But if they had a solid color, I would probably like it more.
  10. But thanks for your opinions!
  11. Actually, I really like the style, not a fan of the color, but it may just be my monitor...that totally sounds like something my BF would say, though. I take SOOOOO much crap for choosing "loud" bags.:supacool:
  12. I don't like it. It doesn't look like a trash bag, but it reminds me of those backpacks you pull together.
  13. I like that bag, for my water bottles and extra stuff!