opinions please

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  1. just wondering everyones opinions on this bag the new poppy signature sequins glam tote.....
  2. I saw it IRL and it's not an everyday bag. I think it's a very delicate bag and I wouldn't buy it because it's not my style
  3. I haven't seen that one in real life, but I think it's beautiful in the website picture. I do have a silver glam tote without the sequins and absolutely love it. I'm thinking the sequins may easily get caught on stuff.
  4. I think its really pretty but i also wouldnt buy it because im afraid hte sequins would fall off.
  5. I agree with the other ladies. It is a pretty bag but I would be so worried about the sequins getting messed up.
  6. I have yet to see it in real life, but from the website photos I Love It!! If I bought at the boutique, I would snap it up in a second! I wouldn't be afraid to use it, I have 2 metallic bags as well as a sateen bag and a white leather bag. They are all more "delicate" or higher maintenance bags, but I don't treat them any differently them my work hourse bags and they have all stood up to the test perfectly. I only shop outlet so the chances of me ever getting one are very slim. I guess a girl can dream.....
  7. gorgeous, but way too delicate for me too!
  8. cute, but not for me
  9. I have it, and love it. I have been carrying it for a week now, and not had any issues.
  10. I agree it is not an everyday bag...and I can not believe I am really about to say this (coming from the queen of bling...lol) but it might be just too sparkly for everyday...I would think more for going out....but it is a BEAUTIFUL bag!! :0)
  11. Looove the sequins, but yea I am worried about how long those sequins would hang in there.
  12. its not really that sparkly, they are clear sequins, so they only add a touch of sparkle when the light hits it right. It really isnt that delicate either, the sequins are sewn on there really good.
  13. Not an everyday bag, and it's not that durable. I used it around the store for a while, and myself, my DH and my SA's all came to the conclusion it's not an everyday bag.
  14. Do you have any pics up of that bag? I looooove it!! It is gorgeous and personally I would rock it everyday! Not too blingy for me!! One of my favorite Poppys to come out so far! I saw it at the boutique and it seemed really well made... I wouldn't be too afraid of the sequins coming off. Congrats on having such an awesome bag! :nuts:
  15. I especially love the pinkish purple color ahhhhh