Opinions please.....

  1. I'm thinking to get another MJ bag :P. I think since I joined PF, I bought MJ bag WAY too much. In 2 months, I've bought 3 bags and 1 zip clutch. I'm seriously trying not to log on too much :nuts:.

    Anyway, back to serious business, I'm thinking to get a Sophia cause it's the only MJ I've never owned before from his classic collection. On the other hand, I'm also contemplating of getting a Selma.

    If you have both of them or one of them, please share your opinions of each bag. If you don't have neither, well, share anyway!

  2. Hey Chloe! I have a Sophia in Spearmint. It's a great bag although it's a little on the small side for me. I can fit plenty into it since it has 3 compartments but I still feel like it bulges too much from all my junk. If you tend to like bigger bags, you might consider the Stella instead of the Sophia. I hope to get a Stella from Ebay eventually. Good luck with your decision.:yes:

    And you can never have too many MJ bags I've grown to discover! Since buying my 1st in June, I now have 5!!:angel:
  3. I was thinking about Stella too. I don't know:shrugs:. Too many handbags, not enough money :sad:. Spearmint is a pretty color. I don't know what color I would like to get. There was an auction on ebay for a lilac sophia but I missed it :sad:. Do you have a Stella?
  4. ^^No, not yet but I hope to get one eventually. It's one of like a hundred bags on my wish list! LOL:lol:
  5. I have a Stella, Sophia and a Selma. I love them all. The Stella is a very nice and roomy bag. I normally do not like large bags on me b/c I am so short, but this one looks good on me....I think it is because it is flat against my side when I wear it. I love my Selma and have considered getting on in Black as well. But the problem with the Selma is that it is kind of hard to get into the purse. It has a drawstring as well as a flap closure. Most of the time, I leave the clasp undone. The sophia is a nice purse b/c it has three different compartments. But I find that it gets really heavy when you fill up the sections and I only use the middle on that closes w/ the metal snap. The other pockets go unused for the most part. I get the most compliments on my Selma. I know this is long, but hope it helps!
  6. Lol... Get Both!
  7. I agree with luvpurses24, I splurged on a Sophia but never carried it because it wasn't big enough for the stuff I tend to carry around. (It's not actually a small bag, but it's somewhat "flat" so it doesn't carry as much as I'd hoped it could) But, if you don't tend to carry too much stuff it should be just fine. The single strap is very easy to carry and I love the padlocks/buckles, such a graceful and lovely style.
  8. Selma is a more girly/feminine looking bag than Sophia, I picture Selma with dresses/skirts. =)

  9. You should consider bags with bigger bases (such as Multipocket, Venetia, or Blake) when you carry more stuffs with you. You can dump everything into Multipocket without any worries. =)

    Stella is the sister of Sophia, they both stick out if you put big items in there. Stella is a great work bag, it would hold your files. =)

    Among the styles in Soft Calf Classic Collection, I like Venetia, Blake, and Stella more than Sophia, MP, and Cammie because I prefer bags with double shoulder straps.
  10. Thank you all for your opinions. Unfortunately, I gotta stop buying MJ for a little bit, maybe a while :nuts:. I'm a little overboard with my shopping lately. I just got my first Chanel sunglasses and, MJ soft-calf coin purse in putty, and MJ Venetia in Washed Rose and it's totally beautiful!!:yahoo: I need to save money so I can get a new digital camera and take pictures of my bags!

    I don't think I'm gonna get Sophia anytime soon. My next purchase can be either a Hudson or a Stella. Bag.lover is right, I need something big. I'm not usually carrying a big bag but lately, I start getting used to it.

    Luvpurses24, I'm feeling you. We can compare our lists if you would like. LOL.

    Oh well, I'm on a strict money diet but don't let me stop you from your addiction :nuts:.