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  1. Too many red flags for me. You mentioned no returns and no paypal. That means if it's fake, you don't have much recourse. Also seller has very low feedback and on 3 of them, it's private so you can't see what the item was! I wouldn't be comfortable with this seller.
  2. Thanks - just what I was thinking. My rose-colored glases were getting the best of me. Of course, if real....... oh, well.
  3. I saw that bag too and half wonder if the fakers worked overtime to counterfiet such a new style bag. It just came out this Fall. I never saw this bag IRL so I can't be sure but that white string tie on the tag is wrong plus eerything about the seller is scetchy. There are plenty of fake Paiges out now so it may well be a new fake Kooba. I've seen alot of the Fake Paiges and some look pretty good and others look so obviously crappy. One seller had the same speil about getting this bag from a supplier where they say something is suppose to be wrong with the bags but they can't see what it is so they are selling at a big discount. Yea Right, Kooba is supplying reject Koobas to individuals at big discounts to sell.
  4. I dont recommend it as well.. its too risky..
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