opinions please!!

  1. hi girls,
    i need your opinion in deciding which bag to get. should i get a cerises speedy or onatah leather gm? knowing me, i'll probably get them both. but if i do, my bf will kill me :P. i have a cerises speedy on hold at let-trade and i'm waiting for the onatah leather to arrive at my boutique. i'm really confused here :confused1:. what should i do? thanks.
  2. Is it the brand new cerises speedy with plastic wrap..? That one is definitely gorgeous..! It's so hard to get one in such great condition. I'm not sure about the onatah, I'll go for the cerises since I'm totally loving the cute cherries... :P
  3. :yes: that's it, i have it on hold for me. i know it's so hard to find a brand new cerises speedy now. that's why i don't know which one to choose. cerises line is already discontinued and the onatah leather is also one off only. i love both bags. :hysteric: so confused.
  4. How much is the onatah? Care to post the pix? :P
  5. I love the cerises.
  6. a few girls on the forum have got it already. i think they are lee69, suweena and joie16. they posted pics also on their thread.
  7. the Onatah GM! the style will last heaps longer because it's not faddy like the Cerises. it'll come soon.... just be patient ;)

    ETA: it really depends if you're aiming for stylish or trendy. you know yourself better than anybody here :smile:
  8. That's really tough. Love the Onatah, esp. in aubergine... and the size is great, looks like it's the perfect slouchy shoulder bag :love: ... but a new Cerises Speedy??? :nuts: I'm sorry, I'm no help ;) Let us know what you decide!
  9. BOTH!:nuts: But seriously, are you a shoulder bag person or a hand held person? I would get the Onatah first (with the fall season coming and all) and then find Cerises speedy closer to next spring/summer season.
  10. i'm actually leaning towards the onatah leather. but to find a new cerises speedy is like impossible.
    LV_addict, i can't get both. i'll get into big trouble if i do :crybaby:
  11. Is the Onatah limited?
  12. :yes: it's one off only
  13. :sad: Then I'd vote for the Onatah. It hangs so nicely on the shoulder... :love: and as Irene said, FALL IS COMING! ;)
  14. That is tough, the LT speedy is gorgeous, I check it out everytime I go to their site.:graucho:
  15. i'm down here in melbourne, so it's going to be summer for me :yes:

    Steph and it's brand new too. you know how difficult to find a brand new cerises speedy. :hysteric: life is so tough.