Opinions please!!!

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  1. I just saw the Mitzy messenger in oak and have fallen in love!!!
    Trouble is that I just bought a used oak Antony messenger the other day.


    Which one is nicer? I prefer the feminine shape of the Mitzy, but popping the Antony right on to eBay is such a pain. Should I just keep the Antony and get over how cute this other bag is? I honestly could buy every bag I ever see!!!!
  2. Tis true, they are both lovely. However I would say keep Antony for now, it is such a classic design that will always be recognized and is quite distinctively Mulberry. we have to wait and see which of the new designs will have style longevity, and you never know, you may find that it may turn up in outlets sooner or later. Either way, why not save up for a Mitzy and see what happens, and hang on to Antony meanwhile?
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    Ladycornflake, did you check the Lookbook section? Eventhough they call it Messanger the size is totally different from Antony.
  4. Yes and I have wanted the Antony for soooo long!
  5. Oh Ladycornflake, what a dilemma. I have just bought a brick Antony & have now fallen for the Mitzy messenger. I think it's just so feminine compared to Antony. I know my Antony is going back for a refund. Is there any way you can return yours?
  6. No I bought it from a friend whom I had to pester to sell to me!
    Funny huh? She would kill me if I said I wanted my money back and I would not blame her one bit!!!! :shame:

    I am going to keep Antony and get the Mitzy in a few months once I have saved a bit I think.
  7. ^^ I think you're doing the right thing as you have wanted Anthony for so long . Everyone seems Mitzy mad at the moment . It's easy to get swept along . Mitzy will be around for a while yet . Enjoy Anthony !
  8. I think the Antony is better in that it is not open topped. I am really bothered by the thought of an open topped messenger bag.
    So despite my initial love, common sense has kicked in!
  9. Sorry to say but I am falling more and more in love with Mitzi Messenger all the time. I love the shape, the colours it comes in and the clever strap. Just too cute to be true!
  10. ^^^ what's clever about the strap??? are there any modelling pics of this bag anywhere???
  11. If you look at the Lookbook, it appear to be adjusted by running it through the lower loop as well as the upper one, shortening the strap slightly and changing the shape of the top edge of the bag.
  12. When i look in the lookbook all i see is the A/W stuff. Will go and try again. wonder if my computers playing up again!!!!
  13. I really like the Mitzy messenger, more than the Antony, because it's feminine like the Joni.

    The strap attaches just like the Rosemary shoulder strap. Fab!
  14. It's my browser again!!! gone in via Mozilla and i can see the new look book. must say the mitzy hobo and messenger are lovely. Anyone know about whether they have a magnetic fastening???
  15. The Mitzi Messenger does. That is its only fault for me. I would prefer it to have a zip.