opinions please

  1. Hello all!

    I have just purchased this bag (pictured below) a few weeks back. I initially went in for the Cerf tote but ended up buying this instead.

    I just need your honest opinion and please tell me which do you prefer better, the Cerf tote or this bag.

    Thanks all! :yes:

  2. i prefer this one, is this the grande shopping? i have the petit shopping,
  3. yes, it's the grande.
  4. what's not to love! It's gorgeous!!!!
  5. :yes:definitely love this bag
  6. I love that bag, but the more I look at it, but more I think it has too much going on - from the leather pieces on the straps to the interwoven chain and humongous CC's. The Cerf tote is elegant and understated, but is also very plain. There must have been a reason you chose this bag over the Cerf so it obviously caught your attention and is more your taste. You shouldn't doubt that feeling! :biggrin:
  7. I love both bags but I too chose this bag over the cerf tote. I really liked the chain handles. Congrats to you! It's a beauty!
  8. I think you made a good choice ;) hehe
    You can always buy the Cerf tote later! ;)
  9. I prefer this bag--love the quilting!
    I do have to say that in general I am not crazy about gold hardware, though. The new Vintage Ligne has an antiqued silver hardware that I love.
  10. I'm not a Cerf fan, but i LOVE the Grand Shopper! I am probably picking my brown pre-order up tomorrow!!!
  11. ^^^Swanky, it's about time. It feels like you've been talking about this bag for months. I can't wait to see it.
  12. LMAO! I know, right!?

    I made my SA call and steal it from another store.
    There's no way I could wait for Dallas to get them when people are walking in and buying them w/o ever having been on the waitlist!

    Now, let's just hope I come home w/ her and don't decide to spend more $ on something else! LOL!
  13. OMG! I tired this bag on in Neimans the other day and loved it. I saw it in a few different sizes and loved them all.:heart:

    I'm not familiar with the Cerf tote. Can you post a pic?

    By the way--what do you call the bag that you have a pic of. After leaving Neimans I called the Chanel store trying to see if they had one and didnt know what to call it. And the SA said that they don't really give their bags special names. The customers just end up creating something that sticks. SO the only thing I could do was describe it.

    I like the gold on it. Its screams Chanel. But I'm curious to see that one w/ silver looks like too
  14. I totally agree with Swanky. Grande Shopping 100%:yes:

  15. Swanky,

    What other colors do they come in? The tote pictured above?