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  1. What do you think of this bag? I really like it alot.
  2. That's great bag..I love the color plus it's very good price..
  3. I love the houston! Although I'd prefer it in indigo, which is my fav vernis colour :love:
  4. I love the color and the style, plus the seller is a MPRS, the only thing I would do is change the handles but I'm really anal about ugly looking handles. :shame:
  5. it's a great bag, the handles are dark, if you like bags with patina this one is yours go for it!
  6. It's lovely, the handles spoil it a little though for me but if you love it - get it!:graucho:
  7. It's a fabulous bag!!!:love: LOVE it!:yes:
  8. I like the style of the bag, but it looks really beat up. I would spend a little more money for one that is in better condition.
  9. I like it too! I think it is a good price too if you don't mind the condition.
  10. i think it's cute plus the price is good too!
  11. I love vernis!!!!!!!! That's my opinion on everything lol.
  12. Thanks everyone. I value your opinions.
  13. It's fab! Go for it
  14. i LOVE the color, i say get it!
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