Opinions Please!

  1. I recently purchased during the Saks First Cut sale, a red gucci chain bag from the 2006 cruise collection...which I really do love...I wasn't sure about at first, but once I took it out for a spin I'm sure I love it...the same bag in a different color is now on sale...this color is also beautiful IRL...question is...do I buy it or not???? Would you buy the same bag in two different colors?? Please give me your honest opinions...the red bag is in my bag showcase...link on my siggie line. Here's a pic of the bronzy one.
  2. DD, it's funny you asked if anyone would buy the same bag in two different colors-i think this may apply to some of us here, including me. Gals here have several LV speedys, Balenciaga firsts/twiggys/citys/works, Fendi spys, etc. all in different colors (but same sizes/styles) so i don't think you'd be alone here! :yes:

    And how would anyone be able to pass up on a wonderful price for that bag????? That's such a steal! :graucho:

    I am thinking you should get the bronze. If they both CANNOT fit in your budget and can keep only one, see which goes better with your wardrobe and return the other one.
    Good luck! Let us know what you decide! ;)
  3. If you truly love the bag - why not!

    BTW, how do you like your Isabella Fiore? Is that the platinum?
  4. I love my Fiore...it's my very first Fiore bag...and it's actually cheaper now than when I got it during the Saks first cut sale that's why I'm taking it back to the store today to do a return and buyback. It's a really pretty color...sort of pewter I guess..it is sort of heavy without anything in it because of the metal hardware on the bag..but I've gotten quite a few compliments on it.
  5. If you don't mind, can you post a pic of you wearing the bag? I'm thinking about getting it but am not too sure of the size.
  6. I like that Gucci and I think its a great deal. The colors are so different so I don't see a problem in having two of those bags in different colors -well unless they were your only two bags, then maybe.

    Btw. will they let you do a return buyback?
  7. Yes, I called customer service and they told me I could do it and then I called and spoke to a gucci SA at Saks and she told me to bring the bag w/the receipt and I could do it.
  8. if i could afford it of course i would get another in 2 colours
    it's a gorgeous bag the brown and red are both nice colours and u can find many occassions for them!
    different colours evoke diff emotions so they are definitely worth getting
  9. yay, i like it! :yes:
  10. something about that chocolate brown that i love
  11. Ok, so I did it. I ordered the chocolate bag online through saks...fyi: you have to put in your shopping bag in order to see that it's on sale..you won't see it going throught the sale section link. I finally decided to get it because 1. it's beautiful in person.I saw it on a girl like 2 weeks ago and 2. it's a bigger version of my small red one. OH and I just came back from saks..I was able to do my return and buyback of my previous gucci items!!! I got back a ton of money...and!!! I placed an order today for one of the 85th anniversary bags..I got the mono. satchel in brown...saks is having it's gucci trunk show as we speak.