Opinions please...

  1. So I need a new little pouch to grab and go.. I have an old dooney one now that I put my cash, ID, debit card, lipgloss and cell phone so when I go to lunch I can put it out and go. But it is looking crappy lately so I wanted to upgrade.

    I am thinking of either the Trunks and Bags Complice or the Denim Cles.
    I am leaning towards the Complice b/c it is a bit bigger, but I love the Denim... my concern about the Denim Cles is that it will be too small.

    Which one do you all think will be better for what I want it for??

  2. LMAO im in the same position as you! im finding the cles to small, though it is very cute...
  3. Well you arent going to fit a cell in either, you can fit a far bit in the denim cles because its cloth and stretches.

    Why not think about a wapity?
  4. The Trunks & Bags Complice is really cute! Have you also considered the Mini Pochette Accessories?

  5. How about a mini pochette? I have the T&B one and love it. It will fit everything you want to carry and still fit in your bigger bags.

    LOL, shesaiddestroy, we posted at the same time!
  6. i have to agree. mini pochette
  7. I know, I want the cles so bad, but I just think it will not be useful for me!
  8. Bag Fetish - The wapity is a square shape right? I think that shape might be a bit bulky for what I want it for.

    But the mini pochette is a good idea... thanks damieraddict, shesaiddestroy and gwen10. I'm going to look into that one.
  9. I LVOE the trunks & bags line! It's so cute with the extra art on the pochette
  10. I vote T&B compliced..
    I love my trunks & bags compliced.. :love:
    It's so cute, i use it as my lunch pouch too..
    The size just nice for my cell phone, $$$, coins and 2 cards...
  11. mini pochette :smile:

    i love it in azur :biggrin:
  12. Thanks for your opinions Everyone.
  13. I have the mini pochette in damier. I can fit my cell, keys, whole wallet, change, burts bees, and there is still room. I love it!
  14. Awesome. Thanks so much. I think I am going to buy it in Mono. :smile:

  15. ^^^ Agreed ... :tup:

    I'd get the T&B Mini Pochette as well. Seems to fit your needs a bit more.