Opinions, please!!:)

  1. I have a question for all of you LV lovers out there--I just got the Speedy 35 monogram...now I want the monogram Cabas Mezzo tote. However, I am not sure what I think of having two bags that are different styles yet share the same pattern...what do you all think? :hrmm:
  2. Lots of people have many bags in the monogram print, I mean, they are different bags after all ! But if you feel uncomfortable about it, you could always SO a damier mezzo, just like Beyonce !
  3. I think it's ok b/c they're bags that serve different functions, plus one is carried on the hand and the other on the shoulder...did you look at the new multicolor totes?
  4. Get it in Monogram.
  5. It's different bags...if you like mezzo in different pattern, like Ayla said ask for Special order in Damier or you can always get Damier Saleya GM (as big as Mezzo with beautiful red lining)
  6. as mentioned, they are both different bags and different styles.
    if we all only purchased one bag per print everyone wouldn't have the vast collection that they have!

    but i also see your point in wanting something different. perhaps consider the damier or maybe the multicolour bags?

    but i love the monogram cabbas mezzo. its such a great bag you can't go wrong
  7. Thanks for the input, guys! The damier Mezzo intrigues me:smile:
  8. I actually have a Batignolles Horizontal and Mezzo which are VERY similar, in addition to my other monogram bags. The pattern is classic and goes with everything..so if you want it, I'd go for it :smile:
  9. hey ya, Couturegrl - IMO i think its totally OK to have different bags that are different sizes in the same print! i mean, they're both compeletly different! :smile: good luck with what you decide!
  10. It's definitely ok. Heck I have 2 LVs and both are mono speedies (35 and 40). BF thought I was crazy but I made a good case on why I wanted both.
  11. With my newest addition I now have 5 mono bags. Nothing wrong with having the same design on different style LV bags. ;)
  12. Cool, ladies, thanks:smile: I feel much better now :smile:
  13. I understand your dilemma, however, if you love the style of the bag, go for it!!! They are both such classic pieces, and so unique from eachother. Good luck, let us know what you choose! :flowers:
  14. yeah i've been thinking bout the same question too, trying to gage if i want another mono bag... but some bags just look better in mono than damier and it looks younger when worn...

    so i say, just go for what you really like! (this thread has helped me decide certain things too!!!)
  15. I'd say go for it. I love the Mezzo, and am considering it myself, even though I have a Batignolles Horizontal, which is a larger shoulder bag. I tend to gravitate toward "tote" type bags, so it wouldn't bother me to have several of similar style, or several in monogram. I am thinking about special ordering a Mezzo in Damier, though. A picture of one was posted last week, and it was gorgeous!