opinions please!!!

  1. at first i didn't seem to like b-bags, except a crush for the buckle, the ensemble was just too 'heavy' for my taste....
    finally i came across a b-bag that looks GORGEOUS to me!!!:graucho:


    so, what do you guys think?!:blink:
  2. MUCH better than the OTHER B-Bag, IMO.:love:
  3. I like the black and tan one, but the zucca print one looks too busy for me. But I love the new Bs.
  4. I like the second one.
  5. I kinda like the zucca print, somehow it all matches (color scheme and all!)

    But the first one is more quiet, understated luxury. The first one isn't easily recognizable as Fendi, though
  6. I like first one cuz that is a better color combination.:biggrin:
  7. I love them both!
  8. Love them both...but I still prefer the original
  9. I usually don't like Zucca print, but I think it works on this handbag. I like both!!!
  10. that's JUST the question i was thinking of! I LOVE the new B bags but wasn't sure what everyone else thought...yay, I'm going to order one!
  11. I love the second one.
  12. Definitely the first one!
  13. i like the first, but i like the original b-bag better
  14. The first one is beautiful. The print on the second one seems way too busy to me.
  15. I Like The Second One.