1. So I bought an azur speedy 25 at the LV store but returned it because I thought it was too small (i prefer larger handbags) and I decide to order it in a 30 because they didnt have any in stock....anyways it was delivered to me today but now im having second thoughts, since the color of the bag is so light it makes it look pretty big on me (im 5'4)

    What do you think? Do you think that this bag looks big? Should I exchange it for ebony?
  2. I know what you mean. First I had an Azur 30...I felt it was too big. Then I bought a Ebony 25....I felt it was too small. I ended up selling both and getting an Azur 25 and an Ebony 30. Weird huh? lol I think it's the color that makes the difference. I prefer the Ebony in 30 but think the Azur looks better in the 25.

    Do you have a boutique you could visit? If not, re-order the 30 compare them side-by-side. That way you'll know for sure.
  3. post a modeling pic! It will help us! If you think the bag is to light or to big exchange it! maybe it has to grow on you.
  4. I agree, I think the Azur looks better in the 25 and the ebony in the 30.
  5. I have the ebene in 30 and thought the azur looked cuter in 25, but when I received it for christmas ... it was too small. I even put it next to my epi speedy 25 and it was even smaller than that. So I returned it and have yet to make my mind whether to get the azur in 30 or the berkeley.
  6. Have any modeling pics?
  7. nope i dont have any pics sorry...
    but i think i might exchange it for the speedy 30 in ebony, but they dont have any in stock in my store :sad:
  8. I was like that at first, i thought the 30 looked too big. But im a big bag kinda girl so it grew on me after using it a few times. Plus the azur is really eye catching. I had both the azur and ebene in the 30 (sold my ebene a few months back)....now I want the ebene again. Im also 5'4 and I cant picture myself with anything smaller than a 30.
  9. 25 is small for me.. A 30 is a must
  10. for me the 30 is too small
  11. IMO a bag has to be REALLY big to look odd on a person- as far as LV bags go the 30 isn't that large comparatively and I think you can definitely pull it off.
  12. I think the 30 is the perfect size- I find the 25 too small.

  13. I agree with John.
    Can you post modeling pics??
  14. I would get the ebony in the 30. I am only 5ft and I carry a 30 (in mono) it is not huge at all.
  15. i agree. :yes: