Opinions please...

  1. Which bag would you get if you could? The Miranda in bordeaux or the Mini Lily in Black? I'm torn!! They are both beautiful bags. I can't decide. I have a $500.00 gift card that I want to use. I can get the 25% off on the Miranda. It doesn't seem like the Mini Lily is going to be in on time. What is a gal to do? Help please!!

  2. I've heard some stores are giving the PCE discount on backordered items, which includes the Mini Lily. Check with your store before ordering...
  3. I vote Mini Lily! I backed order her! The miranda is very pretty also tough what do you like best! The Miranda will be $600 on PCE and the Lily is $786 but sometimes price is no issue if you want that bag you wont be happy !
  4. I also vote the Mini Lily. I think the new Lily is such a beautiful looking bag!
  5. I like the Miranda in Bordeaux! I like the Lily better than the mini Lily thats why..
  6. hmmm color wise I vote bordeaux and bag I guess the mini lily.. I am not a huge fan of either but think that size seems more manageable.. and you should be able to order it on pce
  7. Oohhhh Mini Lily!!!!!!