opinions please!!

  1. Has anyone seen the bleeker laced leather large flap IRL? I love the look of this bag and its leather:tup:
  2. I saw it back in September when the collection first came out and thought it was very pretty! I believe Lizcordova (sp?) owns it and likes it alot. I'd do a search on it to see if you can find her pics!
  3. That Bag Is Gorgeous!!!! I Am Eyeing The Bleecker Signature Flap Right Now!!! (my Current Obsession In Life!!!!)
  4. Yes!!!! :drool: It is absolutely beautiful and a limited edition.. I love it!!!! :yes:
  5. I saw this today in real life. It is really pretty but out of my budget right now even with 25% off....
  6. The choco sig one has really been growing on me lately.:yes:
  7. i saw it recently IRL and it's beautiful but i think all that hardware on the strap would hurt my shoulder! the handle is really heavy!!
  8. I love choc sig but I think it's a rip that the sig bags don't get the Tattersall lining. Another reason among others that I want a leather one over the sig...
  9. THAT'S THE ONE I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!! :yes:
  10. I bought the sig choc bleeker flap a couple of weeks ago and it is beautiful i love it.:yes: