Would you like to have an new thread titled Marc Jacobs EBAY Deals/Finds???

  1. GREAT Idea!!!

  2. No interest in seeing something like this whatsoever...

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  1. :woohoo:

    I was just wondering what you guys thought about taking an idea from the Coach thread and trying it here.

    Marc Jacobs eBay Deals/Finds

    We could post bags or wallet auctions of interest that those constantly trolling eBay come across. PLEASE if we roll with this - POST your "find" to the confirm authenticity if you are unsure about the item being 100% Authentic-PRIOR to posting to the thread. The thread could be used to post items that are running at a good price or are near the ending and still reasonable...

    I was just curious if anyone would have interest in seeing things that we come across. This would also come in handy to advise anyone who is looking for a specific bag as rare or hard to find bags could be posted here as well...

    If there is interest we could ask for a sticky... :okay:
  2. BTW

    I am just offering a suggestion - if there is not interest no big deal...

    snfft... snfft...

    I will try to go on if this is poo poo'd

    snfft... snfft...

    Just kidding!!!

  3. Provided people follow the rules, I think it's a good idea! Does the Coach forum have a lot of problems with people posting non-authentic items or links to their own auctions?
  4. I think it's a great idea!
  5. sounds great! i just hope we don't run into problems where people bypass the authentication process and post questionable auctions or members linking their own listings. if the coach forum is having success with it though, i don't see why it couldn't work here.

  6. Not that I have noticed and that certainly should not happen. I did notice that it is predominately the same folks posting to it who are frequently responders in the authenticate thread... I would think that outright posting to this needs to be "reserved" in a sense for those extremely familiar or regularly authenticating... But of course someone who sees something and has it authenticated to confirm can post as well...Does that make sense? It can be declared that bidding should be done at your own risk if you have not authenticated the bag prior ~ unless bidder is comfortable with the pfer who posted the listing... Thoughts?!
  7. Speaking for me personally I come across ALOT of STEALS and they are quite often ending within 24hrs. Those are the items that should be listed in this thread (potentially) Items in the ballpark of 1 day or less remaining. As a chronic insomniac I am seeing stuff all the time and would love to share with everyone if they are interested-and of course would not post my own listings - if posted they must be put up by someone else....
  8. Also to avoid any mishaps this can be sort of "policed" for authenticity and corrected if needed...:yes: I already - and I am sure of you do as well - review the listings posted to the eBay auctions to be wary of-just to confirm they should be there---same could apply here.
  9. You're right; I check the eBay auctions to be wary of thread as well. :shame: As long as we stay on top of the posted "deals" this is a great idea! Have you PMed a mod to see if this is feasible yet?
  10. It's a great idea! But I agree that all of the auctions will have to be looked at twice.

  11. Yup I PMd Megs...:yes:

    I know I am on alot- and between You - me - thithi - and some other regular posters there shouldbe no problem managing this. Again, this should be reserved for auctions ending within 24 hours or about 1 day or so... Most auctions of interest will already have been posted or will be being watched- I thought this thread would be helpful to newbie MJers :yes:
  12. Would you gals like your own sub-forum for it? I take that is what you're requesting. There's a difference between a thread (like this one) and a whole sub-forum ("folder"). :smartass:
  13. I interpreted it as Forenfinal wanting a sticky. Do we even have enough traffic in this forum to warrant a shopping sub-forum?
  14. Could we start with a sticky and see how it goes? Thanks for responding Vlad!!
  15. I like this idea :yes:
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