Opinions please...

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  1. Sorry, i am not really a fan of them. It looks to busy on the front...

    but they may look different on, so once you get them post a pic!
  2. i'm not crazy about them, but they are not my style, so they may be perfect for you!
  3. I like them. The more "chunky" (sorry, don't know a better word!) sandals are supposed to be IN this year.
  4. I like them remind me of the Fiore bags. They do have a lot going on but with the right outfit they will look great.
  5. Whoa... sexy mama shoes! I like... I like...
  6. You know, I just read in Vogue the 3 must haves for the next season are a big handbag, a wide belt, and chunky heels..The clothes I usually wear are solids mostly...I think that they will add a little zip and they match my gucci horsebit perfectly..I will post a pic...Thanks, I appreciate your opinions :smile:
  7. Very cute. They look pretty comfy too.
  8. Chunky heels will probably make a comeback (what doesn't)

    I'm just not reponding to the color or details - looks too "mountain woman" for me.
  9. I think they are really cute and would look good with a skirt or jeans! I like chunkier heels cause they're easier to walk in
  10. not really my style, for dressy shoes im more of a flat person.
  11. i don't like them, i'm sorry!
  12. no I am not too keen sorry
  13. why are you sorry?? if we all looked the same life would be boring...I recieved these on Monday...the pic on the web does these no justice what-so-ever...I think they are fabulous...But thank you for your opinions :smile: