opinions please?

  1. Gorgeous, but it is gone...did you get it?
  2. nope, someone else snatched it up! maybe it was someone who saw this post. hah :sad:
  3. Lovely:upsidedown:
  4. it's so pretty, but I think you can get it for cheaper, it's white afterall, you might prefer it in another color, wait for the sales, NM had it in a tan/camel color for 600$ last time
  5. ..oh i like that much better :smile:
  6. I agree with Aggie....the tan/camel would be more practical and just as beautiful! :yes:
  7. its your white chiffon quilted blake that has me head over heels in love. hah ;)
  8. i love the style of the bag, but i'm scared of bright white! maybe i'm too messy!
  9. I love it! But I agree with the ladies another color will be more pratical.