Opinions Please!

  1. I sorta posted in another thread--but I shouldn't "hijack" that thread... So I'm starting my own. I went through a selling phase and got rid of a number of bags through the MP. My collection currently consists of the following:

    YSL large brown Mombasa
    LV Cerise Sac Plat
    Gucci red flap bag with blingy interlocking G's in gold
    MJ Blake in spearmint (turquoise)
    Kale grey tote
    Guccissima brown top handle bag
    Dior black mini-Gambler (going out bag)
    Black Coach flap bag
    Chanel Luxury metallic black bowler

    Based on my current collection, what would you X out from this list:

    1) YSL large gold Muse
    2) Balenciaga rouille Day/hobo-style
    3) Lauren Merkin large Plum tote in green
    4) Chanel large black Reissue with silver hardware

    Thanks in advance for your input! I really appreciate everyone's time and opinions.
  2. I would nix #3 - but that's just me.

    O/T - do you have any photo's of your lg. gold Muse? I'd love to see one!
  3. ^^ I haven't taken photos of my Muse yet! I was trying to make sure I wanted to keep her first :P
  4. I would most defintely send that Chanel lux bowler to me Wicked! Oh wait I see that option isn't listed, oh well then oddly enough since I have a new Muse obsession I am thinking Muse but only because I have yet to see a gold bag I like, then the Lauren M perhaps, although I really like that bag in the cognac color.
  5. ^^I agree - i'd need to see the gold IRL. I've seen the bronze Muse which is very striking - i'm assuming the gold is as well......
  6. Wickedassin,

    My favorites are #1 (YSL Muse) and #4 (Chanel Reissue). Black + Silver H/W Reissue is just beautiful; Muse is a classic as well. Balenciaga Day & Lauren Merkin bag look too casual.
  7. I would X out 3 also
  8. #3
  9. I concur.. ixnay #3.
  10. As requested... Here are photos of the Gold Muse.

    Maybe it's too similar to my brown Guccissima bag??!?
  11. # 3 here as well. Definitely keep the reissue and the muse - the gold is gorgeous!
  12. Yup, #3.
  13. No to #3, as well.
  14. Wicked - I can see that you have a hard decision to make. As much as I love the style of the Muse, I'm not a HUGE fan of metallic bags. If your Muse was a different color, I would definitely suggest keeping it.