Opinions Please!!

  1. I've already put this on another thread but I find I'm obsessing too much about this bag and would like some other opinions to make my final decision.

    This bag is discounted by 50% at Net a Porter and I have had it in my 'shopping bag' for ages. I haven't yet checked out as my husband hates this bag and although it doesn't really matter what men think, he has put a black mark on it which I can't shake off.

    I know this bag is now discontinued and if I don't get a move on it will just sell out and then I will wish I had it.

    Opinions on this bag please!:confused1:

  2. I like the Silverado, but that one is way too big IMO!

    Unless you really need a huge bag could you get a smaller one past hubby?
  3. I think it's gorgeous in both style and colour and silverados have become a classic... :yes: I agree with Ilovemybug about the size, but if you're taller or just like bigger bags go for it, you seem to love it...!! I think the size looks good on mannequin as she's carrying it as a tote, it might look bigger if it was carried on shoulder...?
  4. Yes I wondered about the size myself. I came to the conclusion it's about the same size as a Paddington but the extra pockets on the side make it seem bigger?? I had a Paddington but got rid of it as it was too big with too many pockets and I couldn't find anything in it..plus the padlock got on my nerves.

    Husband hated that as well, thought the padlock was ridiculous. Men eh, haven't a single clue.

    He's not bothered if I get it and hasn't a clue about the size anyway. He hates the stitching which looks very obvious in this two tone colourway. He would still hate it if it was tiny!

    Thanks for your opinions so far!
  5. For me, the big silverado is too big, but I'm 5'4 and slim. I have two silverados (not the big one) and I love them! I think it depends on how much you love the bag (you're obviously obsessing right now) and if you want a big bag.

    Why not consider ordering it, when you see it IRL it might help make up your mind?
  6. I agree with Sarmel!!

    I would pop it on a credit card, order it and atleast that way you will beable to stop obsessing over it.

    NAP have a great returns policy, so if you decide its not for you, you will be refunded before you even get your statement lol !!!

    now go buy it ;)
    hee hee
  7. I have two of the medium Silverados and I really love them. I don't think that this model is as "user friendly", as it does not have the two outside slip pockets like the older model. I also think that it might look a bit large.

    By the way, my DH didn't like my Silverados when I first got them (he thought the braided straps had too much of a "western vibe"). Now that he has seen how many compliments I get on them he seems to have changed his mind!!:p
  8. it sounds to me that you want this bag so go for it, if he was wrong about the paddy hes obviously got little fashion sense, this is a beautiful bag and in a lovely colour, it wont be as heavy as the paddy either.....
    buy it now before its gone!!!
  9. nothing like peer pressure, huh?
    did you buy it yet? hehe
  10. Haven't bought it yet as I've been out all day. The reason my husband didn't like it was largely due to he thought it looked 'western' as well and yeah, if you saw him you would say he has NO fashion sense at all!! Another reason I didn't like my Paddington was I hated the side pockets! I could never remember where I had put something and was always digging into every crevice in every pocket! I like this Silverado because it doesn't have side pockets.. I just wish it was smaller.

    I think it will be far too big so maybe I will pass on it after all. Thanks for all your comments and help.

    Although hmmm..no final decisions yet:back2topic:
  11. you could always grt it and if you hate it when it arrives you could always return it:confused1:
    the colour is great, i quite like the western vibe to.
  12. I like it, I don't think it's too big. Buy it and keep it and enjoy it. I've been thinking of getting a Silverado myself (after my purse ban is over).
  13. :nogood:I won't hate

    :nogood:Can't use credit card as I paid it off and cut it up last week.

    :drool:I have the cash tho:supacool:

    ..but it's the school summer holidays..:push:

    ..she can play in the garden for the next 3 weeks and I can just look at my new bag..

    :graucho:::yeah::liking that idea:::graucho:
  14. Like you I have looked at this bag a lot on NAP. I like the idea of having a Silverado but somehow I don't quite want this one enough. I think it is that I have seen them in more attractive colours and leathers. For me - it is an also ran - but not a winner.
  15. :lol:
    like your thinking, get it and post some pics so i can have a peek:yes: