Opinions please....

  1. What do you all think about the color Ebene in Clemence for a 40 cm JPG Shoulder Birkin?

  2. would be good. one of the resellers has one i think at a steal of a price.
  3. In one word: GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I have an Ebene Clemence Birkin in 35, and the color/leather combination is to die-for, a nice rich dark chocolate. The leather is nice and soft as well. Go for it!
  5. both are gorgeous colors!
  6. I have not seen the color IRL - could some of you that have please compare the color to ordinary (if you can use the word ordinary in the same sentence as Hermes)
    objects that would be close to the Ebene color. That way I can have more of an understanding of what the color would look like. Thanks, you all are the best!!!!:heart:
  7. I always compare Ebene in Clemence to a very dark bittersweet chocolate bar.
  8. Agreed! Or a dark-roast coffee bean.
  9. Thanks Style & WN--
    I am getting a clearer picture of the color-
    Thank you so much!!
    Anyone else have a comparison to share?
  10. Penny, here are some pics of an Ebene JPG (in clemence, of course) from the color reference thread:

    ebene JPG.jpg ebene JPG 1.jpg

    Pics are courtesy of a lovely PFer apigscloset.:smile:
  11. Thanks Irene!
  12. Penny, that would be a very gorgeous bag, indeed. :smile:
  13. Gorgeous!
  14. Oh just gorgeous! I am currently obsessed with an Ebene Clemence bag too (at a reseller near me) though it's a regular Birkin, not a JPG.
    I think this bag you are considering is really stunning, a bit hard to find, and I think you'd get a lot of use out of it. The color seems to almost look black to me in dim light (which I think is a plus), but in sunlight it's definitely a deep, rich brown.
    I love the comparison to dark chocolate!
  15. KB,GM.CNYC--
    Thanks for the posts. Sounds like the overall consensus is that the color/leather will be a beautiful Birkin- even if JPG.
    I appreciate your insight and opinions.