Opinions please

  1. I hopeing I will be getting my Ivory Epi speedy soon and I am thinking of either getting a

    Mono Groom key and change Holder
    Mono Multi Scarf
    to decorate my speedy what do you guys think will be better?:graucho:
  2. Mono Multi scarf in my opinion! The colors will pop against the ivory and will look so pretty!
  3. I agree, the scarf will be really pretty.
  4. Another vote for the Mono Multi scarf!
  5. Scarf
  6. Wow thanks everyone I didnt think the scarf would get that many votes hmmm but I do love the idea. :yahoo:
  7. The scarf.
  8. my vote goes to the scarf.
  9. Another vote for the scarf.
  10. i think someone here on the forum has a pic of an epi ivory and the scarf....it is pretty.....so....the scarf!
  11. Scarf. I got my Ivorie Epi Lockit today and my pink etoile bandeau looks great against it.