Opinions please?

  1. Just purchased these (my first CL pumps) and not sure if I should keep. They are a little tight but not too bad. Not sure about the design. Thanks!
    shoes 002.jpg
  2. I am not really nuts about them.
  3. I personally think they're great and unusual. Would look killer with jeans
  4. Gosh, that's a tough one. They are cute and I do like them, but if they don't fit too well, maybe they aren't cute enough.
  5. Any other opinions, please? I really appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  6. I don't really like those. I think I may like them more if they were a different color.

    That said, Im not the one who has to wear them. Make sure YOU like them otherwise they're a waste of money. I found that my CLs feel fine after being in them for about an hour after buying them. I think they are pretty comfortable but tight at first. However, I think you can tell the difference between "new" tight and just plain too tight for comfort.
  7. Unique..not my style..but then again their special in their own way.
  8. I think they will look hot with jeans, even a cute pencil skirt. I like them...i would say they are a keeper. Take model pics...they always look better on. I have a leopard pair of cl's that look ugly, but when on look sexy.
  9. Thanks, I was just thinking of that too, that maybe with them on with the right outfit. I liked them because they weren't so high and though they are a little tight, not to the point where its that bad so maybe they'll give a little. I got them for a good price too. I'm such a compulsive shopper sometimes. I buy things then later wonder "do I want/like this?"
  10. I think they are really unique but not too over the top so I like them. The question I would have is do you have things that will go with them besides jeans? Depending on your style, it seems like they may be tricky to pair with outfits. I wouldn't keep them if you have nothing to wear with them. I would also keep trying them over the next few days. You will probably start to feel one way or the other about them. Don't keep them if you don't think they're growing on you.
  11. Here is a pic I took w/them on with jeans. I think I really do like them now. Thanks for all your help!
    me 006.jpg
  12. They look great with jeans!
  13. I didnt notice they were a peep toe......i LOVE them even more now! Very cute!!! Such a keeper!!!
  14. I LOVE those- If you wear jeans often, I bet you'll get a lot of chances to wear them!
  15. I was not sure about them until I saw them with jeans....they look good. I would keep them.