Opinions please..

  1. I am on the list for both the Lady Braid in grey and the 226 in dark silver.

    I have in my collection a black medium double flap and a pink medium double, both in caviar. I also have the new style double flap in white with the mademoiselle lock in the softer caviar. I have a jumbo flap in red caviar, new chain and lastly, a medallion tote in beige.

    Which of these bags should I add? I know they are very different and I kind of want them both... Let me know what all of you think.
  2. sigh... very hard to decide. love them both. i am waitlisted on both too. i would say get both, but prefer Lady Braid if only could get one.
  3. I'd gor for Lady Braid since you already have more than one flap:shrugs:

    p.s. I'm not a flap girl though :p
  4. I vote for the lady braid as well. lots a flaps
  5. Looks like you're a flap lover, so I think I would pick the dark silver 226 to add to your collection. Definitely a collectors item!
  6. I don't like the lady braid, so I'll say reissue.
  7. lady braid.
  8. Lady braid!:yes:
  9. for diversity: lady braid

    for classic: reissue
  10. I vote for Lady Braid also:smile:
  11. ITA. But I'd get both if you can. :wlae:
  12. Reissue, it's more of a classic.
  13. I can't be objective...I LOVE the lady braid.
  14. I am a big reissue fan, so I say the dark silver bag.
  15. I love the dark silver. It would be a great addition to your collection.