Opinions please

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  1. I'm posting in this forum because I specifically wanted the opinion of Balenciaga lovers. I hope that's okay!!!
    I saw this bag and I like it, but I really wonder if it looks too heavily Balenciaga-inspired. If you saw someone with this bag, would you think "ew, wannabe" or what? Honestly!
  2. I think that it is different enough that if I saw you carrying it I would not think "knock-off". Have you tried Balenciaga? If you like this you would probably love bbags. The leather on this bag does look nice.
  3. What type of bag is it? Just curious. Anyway, I think the bottom looks pretty similar. Do you live in a big city or smaller town. If big city, I'd say no, smaller town, go for it. JMO
  4. I think it's very cute, but definitely looks bbag-inspired.
  5. It's a Carla Mancini. I don't have a Bbag yet, though it's my dream bag. I just can't (yet!) bring myself to spend that much on one! They're so gorgeous, though...
    Anyway, right now I live in Phoenix and I think that it would be noticed, but if I move back to New Orleans I'm pretty sure no one would have a clue.
  6. You're right. New Orleans is pretty behind in fashion, no one even knows what my b-bag is....
  7. It does look quite inspired but it still looks very nice and is different enough to not look like a cheap knock-off:yes:
  8. It's like a chloe edith+balenciaga with it's rocker edge.It looks like a stylish bag.It is not a blatent copy IMO.BTW, don't be too worried about what other people think of your bag.If you love it,it will show. Enjoy it!
  9. I like it, it's dfferent enough, imo
  10. The front pocket looks sort of Chloe Edith-esque. Overall, it might look like a hybrid of several different designers but not necessarily a knockoff of anything in particular.
  11. The bag looks nice to me....and the leather has this distressed look, go for it if this is another alternative choice for u instead getting bbags as the rate is pretty high unless ur pocket allows u to splurge on it.....:nuts: :nuts:
  12. Inspired or not, that is one hot bag!!! The leather looks gorgeous!!! :drool:

  13. I agree;)
  14. i would save the money that i would spend on this bag and wait longer but buy a balenciaga:heart: ... but the bag itself looks really cool so if u really like her, go for it ! :yes:
  15. Y'all are awesome! Thanks for the input!