Opinions please...

  1. After getting my first Prada last month, I'm ready to kamikaze into another bag purchase. :graucho:

    What do you think of this? Is this a GREAT bag or just "alright"? I'm looking for a good workbag which will take me through to weekends. Will this style weather through some time?


    BTW I'm loving my Antic Cervo Satchel in tan :heart:
  2. It's OK, but I think you could find something better in that price range.
  3. I agree with Prada Psycho...

    and SweetFrock... could you please post pix of your new Antic Cervo in tan? Purrrrrrrrrrty please?! Would love to see!!! :yes:
  4. After getting my first Prada last month, I'm ready to kamikaze into another bag purchase

    No advice but I LOVE that expression :yes:
  5. It is a very pretty bag. But, that price tag would make me shy away from it-
  6. I Love The Frame Bag!!!

    ETA: I Usually Only Wear My Vintage Prada (Love The RTW & Shoes, ALWAYS!). This Year I Am Totally In Wow!!!!!
  7. Hello!! I'll take pictures tomorrow in the dayokay :smile:

    BTW the bag's selling at S$1,770 here. I thought the price was quite good though it's half canvas. I'm thinking at S$1,770 I won't be able to find much else to buy.
  8. i dont know about that black fabric frame bag... i am a fan of frame bag in general. but this one is not special enough for the price i think. you can get a really nice balenciaga motorcycle bag with $1770. if you like leather, b-bags leather are really nice to touch and to look at!