Opinions, please?

  1. I really want a new bag for s/s and I've been looking at the MC Speedy in white (I also like the black) or an Azur Speedy. I have a Mono and Epi Speedy 25 and sometimes I feel they're a bit small on me so I'm looking into getting a 30. I was just looking through the visual aids thread and these bags look so gorgeous. I'm 4'11" 105 lbs, and am not sure if the MC Speedy would be to big on me. I've read that it gets heavy, but it's such a lovely piece I don't think I would mind.

    So could you give me your opinions, please?

    1.) MC Speedy in WHITE or BLACK?


    2.) Damier Speedy 25 or 30?

    TIA! :smile:
  2. I would get the White MC Speedy. I am not a big fan of Damier.
  3. I love all of the above. So, I'm no help! lol

    I am a black lover first and foremost and think the speedy would look great on you.
    Jess Simpson is only 5'3" and I think she toted it well. I prefer a speedy 30 in regular or damier patterns also. Wish Cerises had come in 30 years ago.

    I think I vote- white multicolore for summer if price is no issue. But, you could get two bags -azur speedy 30 being one of them- for the price of the multicolore. So- it's up to you!

    If you want an all seasons bag tho since the price of MC is so high- I'd definitely go black. I toted mine all winter and love them in summer time too. No worries about color transfer- which IS a huge issue onto the white MC canvas and also with my accessories getting red color transfer from the interior. Black wont get dirty and has mole colored interior so it doesn't hurt your other items.
    I personally don't tote white multi or azur during fall and winter. Feels too springy to me. So out of all of these, black is the most useful!
    JMO- HTH!! Thanks and let us know what you decide! We love pics!
  4. I think something in white would be wonderful!
  5. MC Speedy in white! : )
  6. :yes: . I so want that bag one day.
  7. White MC speedy!
  8. Black MC Speedy!!!
  9. I like the MC, but it is pretty heavy for a handbag so azur gets my vote.
  10. White MC...Black MC....White MC....Black...Azur...White..errr...I dunno I dunno:confused1: I wish I could have all three! At one time! HAH! I wish. This is such a hard decision for me.
  11. MC speedy in White and it's not heavy if you're a slave for LV, like me ;)
  12. I would go for the black MC Speedy.
  13. i'm not crazy about the Multicolore Speedy (my favorite is the Trouville in white), but if you must, get the white one; it's so pretty and feminine in white.

    if you want the Damier Speedy, i'd suggest the 25. i'm 5'4" at 110lbs, and anything bigger than the 25 looks laughable on me
  14. I am really liking the azur!

  15. The Trouville is definitely on my list!:yes: DH already knows. LoL! He also likes it better than the Speedy. I was surprised when I showed him because he doesn't normally take interests in my bags.