Opinions Please......

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  1. Yeah, it rocks!!

  2. Nah, leave it at home!

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  1. I was given this silk scarf by my store manager along with the VIC flip book. What do you think of the way I have shown it being worn. Thanks
    LV Cup.JPG LV Cup 1.JPG
  2. It's cool ;)
  3. i'ts really nice and simple.
  4. looks good.
  5. Love it!
  6. Very cool.
  7. Was this given to you recently or a while back? It seems like an older style.

    It looks good!
  8. Looks good!

  9. Recently, have a great relationship with store manager and she obviously wanted to do something nice (love her) and can't give away stock or discount things so.......I got this!!

    BTW - Is it an older VIC gift?
  10. Looks like everyone LOVES it! I think it looks good!
  11. um all i can do is stare @ your ring I want.

    I voted yes though lol
  12. Yeah, I really think it looks sexy on your wrist.
  13. I myself could not pull that off- but if you like it, go for it!
  14. definitely a nice scarf!
  15. Looks good - you should wear it.:yes: