Opinions, please!

  1. Well since I got a PCE card this time I am planning on buying a travel tote. My hubby & I are going to Ireland in September and I want something as a carry on. So, I was looking at either the signature stripe travel tote in black w/ the matching cosmetic bag, or the Katy travel tote. I will also use this tote to carry my kids books, toys, etc.. in. Which would you buy? I love the Katy, but am afraid that it will get dirty too easy. I'd love everyone's opinions, suggestions, etc.. Thanks!:smile:
  2. IMO - I wouldn't go with the katy tote...as gorgeous as it is...it's extremely delicate (the material). I really think a signature stripe one would be a bit more durable (especially if kids stuff is involved!)
  3. i agree with dewey drop 100%
  4. Yep, I totally agree with dewey. I think the Katy tote is really pretty but I think it would get trashed in a heartbeat.
  5. katy tote is gorgeous, but not quite as practical. definately try the sig stripe stuff.
  6. Yeah, I have to agree with the other ladies. Go with the signature stripe. The black is so pretty! And matching accessories could hold little goodies and then fit easily into the tote. You would be a very chic and organized mommy!
  7. Thanks ladies, the signature stripe tote is what I am leaning towards. Now, does anyone have one, and if so did you get it monogrammed?? Trying to decide if I should do that? I am so indecisive. Also, what do you think of the black tote? I don't own any black so I thought this would be a nice change? Thanks again.
  8. I definitely like the signature stripe as well, but I prefer the chocolate..not a big fan of the black signature anything. But since you don't own any black, it would be a nice change.
  9. Ditto on the Sig Stripe Travel bag.

    I went to Ireland last summer, mostly Dublin! What part are you going to?

  10. We will fly into Dublin and stay there a night. Then we are going on a driving tour thru Killarney, Kinsale, Connemara, and the West Coast of Clare. We will be staying at B&B's along the way. I'm excited, yet nervous (I hate to fly & I've never left my kids that long nor been that far away from them). I know we'll have fun, though!
  11. Seriously ... it's the most amazing place ever. So beautiful. But expensive! Food is incredibly expensive, even in little pubs.
  12. I think the Katy tote would be nice.
  13. Both great looking totes, I have to agree that the sig stripe feels sturdier. Have a great time!
  14. Also since its Ireland, have you considered this one?
    I am debating getting this tote myself.
    green hamtons.jpg
  15. Yes, I considered that one, but my hubby bid & won this one for me on eBay. I don't know if I will take it with me, but I sure do love it! :p
    31507 018.jpg