Opinions please.....

  1. What is less trendy, a blush patent classic or a Dark silver reissue?

  2. Blush patent classic
  3. Oooh--tough call! In my opinion, they are both classic and trendy at this time. Nice choices! Sorry, I guess that isn't much help. I suppose the re-issue would be the most classic of the two.
  4. I think the metallic is less trendy. Although it is a huge current trend, I believe metallics go with everything and always come back into "trend."
  5. i think the patent classic is more trendy.
  6. I agree! Patent Classic is more trendy and easier to match with your clothings! :yahoo:
  7. I'll go with the Patent as well!
  8. Blush Patent Classic
  10. Blush to me is way less trendy however, I am having a much easier time with my metallic bags when matching clothing.