opinions, please!!!

  1. Dooney & Bourke Large Lock Sac - - Nordstrom.com
    i love this bag...saw it irl and it's gorgeous! trouble is this...i'm used to buying "high end" bags and started my collection over 20 years ago with a d & b...so, even though i love this bag, i'm wondering if it's too "young" for me or won't fit in with my collection of mj's, koobas, gusto, prada, etc...i know i must sound REALLY shallow, but would love some opinions!
  2. I understand what you're saying. I love this bag, too, even tho I haven't seen it IRL. Will be looking for it next week. IMO this Dooney style isn't exculsively for young women or teens. Any age woman could wear it and look great. I've been buying BV's mostly and if I like this bag when I see it and try it on, I'm getting it! A great bag regardless of price fits in my assortment of purses. The beige is my favorite color. Did you see the ad with this bag in the March issue of Lucky magazine? It's stunning.
  3. i actually really like it! :smile:
    i think that it isnt typical D & B i think its really sophisticated looking, and the leather looks really nice!

    i think it would fit in fine with that collection, i lovee the Lock clasp on it!

    i have kooba, gustto, burberry, coach, botkier and i think that bag is super cute and i would concider it too! :smile: i think it would def fit

    its not like its D & B with big pink hearts or stars haha :smile:
  4. I'm sorry but I disagree, and I don't think it's being shallow. Once you own a few high end bags you can never go back to where you started. You'll spend the money and never wear it. It's happened to me several times. . . If you finally buy it wait a while before wearing in case you change your mind. Just being honest, I hope you don't mind.
  5. eh i dunno i mean its not like the bag costs pocket change ,,, its over $300,,,, i mean kooba is about $600something, gustto about 700,,,, i mean i have those too and i still use and love my coach bags that cost $200-400
    i use them all the time and dont think of them as not high end, i love them because they are great bags and to me they are cute
    and i think people can own all sorts of bags as long as you really like it and you will use it,

    youll use it those days when you dont feel like using your really expensive bag, or you feel like something different,,,

    thats just what i think,,,,
  6. I have nothing against Dooney and am quite fond of the AWL and Faux Croc leather bags they have. Their Vintage Sac bag is awesome leather. But I don't like the style of this bag personally. I don't like the flap over clip thing mainly. But I don't think there is one thing wrong about buying a Dooney. 325 isn't chump change and when you think about it, it's alot of money. For some people it is a car payment, or a Doctor's bill.

    Buy a bag you like regardless of price. I don't want to feel like I am being an elitist by not buying a "cheaper" bag. If it has the quality and look that I want, that is what matters.

    I don't buy LV, or Chanel. Not because I can't afford it but because I don't care for them.
  7. i want it in marine. my S.A. and i are both waiting for it to come to the factory outlet. i think it's timeless. classy. it's nothing like the patterns. their leather is gorgous!

    PS- i can't afford the expensive higher end bags, and don't really hurt too much about that. a higher end brand that isn't popular at all is Tod's and i own one thanks to my mum, i would save for a Tod's if i saw one i loved... but LV and Chanel i don't care for either... if i saw a nice one of either, i'd definately dive on it if i could afford it, as i'd like to have a taste of everything in my collection.

    i'm a diehard coach fan, and i have fallen in love with my Dooneys. thanks mom lol.
  8. It is a nice bag not the typical young cute D&B. If you like it buy it. It is nice to have a bag that ...hum let's see how I say it.... it is nice to have a bag that you use more for "everyday" and if something happens to it is as not as heartbreaking.
  9. very cute bag!! I think its awesome that you have alot of "high end" bags...but a couple of "not so high end" bags are good to have also...you could make it an "everyday bag"....besides its cute and and its not that cheap...over 300 bucks...
  10. I like it a lot! And I think it's good to mix it up a little with your higher end bags. I do!
  11. I saw it yesterday when I was out shopping and I really liked it in all of the colors...I considered the yellow shade for the spring. If you like it buy it-no one else's opinion is more important than your own! Who cares if it's not high-end "designer"?:yes:
  12. I like it alot and totally disagree that you cannot go back and forth between what is considered "high end" and "mid range". If a particular bag speaks to you in some way...buy it!! Even though I have many high end bags I still buy some nice styles of Coach, Dooney..etc. I remember when I couldn't even afford those bags so they hold a special place in my heart!! Just my 2 cents....

  13. I think you should buy it ;) Although I have a hard time mixing up high end purses with cheaper ones. But that's just me so if you really like it, you should go for it. I think it looks really nice and as shallow as this may sound, I would probably have bought it myself if it was from another label.
  14. I saw that bag in green the other day and thought it was really cute but didn't buy it. I use mostly high end bags. Chloe, Marc Jacobs, LV and I know that if I bought that it would sit in my closet but that's just me. I do have a couple of Coach bags I still use and one Fossil canvas bag. You have to know yourself. If you REALLY think you will use it I say go for it. If you are honest with yourself and won't use it save the $350 for something you really love.