Opinions, Please!

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  1. All,
    I have a Damier Ebene SpeedyB which I love. Am waiting to get it in the DA, but putting it off for a bit until things settle down. Is the DE too dark for spring/summer? Looking for opinions. Thanks!!
  2. I think both are lovely, but if you'd like to wait - maybe look into a bag scarf or something to put around the handles or a charm to add the summer flair.
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  3. I think DE is fine in spring/summer.
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  4. de looks good all year around in my opinion. da is the only one i find to be more s/s
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  5. I wear all three canvases all throughout the year. I personally don't follow any "seasonal rules". As long as they kinda match my outfits..I'm good!
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  6. It's good year round.
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  7. It’s fine for summer but I have to admit I tend not to wear it in warmer weather and switch to da and other lighter color bags.
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  8. I use my DE bags all year. Just love them.:flowers::heart:
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  9. It’s fine all the LV bags are seasonal versatile. Anything goes because they all rock!
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  10. I have three DE bags and two SLG's and use them whatever the time of year.
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  11. I'm waiting to order my Speedy B 30 DE until the economy settles and saving my discretionary spending in the meantime. I'm glad to hear the opinions of others re: DE in the warmer months. Thinking this will be my go-to bad weather bag year-round.
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  12. DE is great for any sudden changes in weather. I try to use my monogram bags in the summer months because I can enjoy using them and don't have to worry as much about rain or snow ruining the Vachetta. But, I do love to use my PA in DE all year round because it's so handy to use as a mini bag or in a larger bag! Either way DE is really nice to have all year round!
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  13. i like the DA for ss !!! I think it will go better with most dresses/ss outfits .. the DE wouldn't look bad, but could end up looking "heavy" if that makes sense :smile: