Opinions Please! WOC vs. LV

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  1. I really need some expert advice on this one! I am trying to decide what to get and I don't really want to go beyond my price range on this on which is $1500. I am considering the dark silver WOC or I could go a completely different way and get a LV Batignoles. The WOC, of course is small for going out or a day in the city. The Batignoles would be to have a more upscale bag to drag around to sporting events and that sort of thing. I'm just not sure b/c I'm a little concerned about the logo. That being said, I think I may have become immune to noticing the LV logo. Still, I wanted to ask you Chanel girls b/c I think there is a tendency here to make smart purchases and I like to use and keep my bags for a long time. (P.S. I presently have a black GST, a brown Medallion tote and a black e/w (pochette))
    Much thanks in advance!!:heart:
  2. Sorry, but I do not know what the batignole is. I do love the WOC though! ;)
  3. It is kind of the same shape as the Medallion tote, but open on top.
  4. Do you have a photo of the LV? I can't place the style though I know the name.
  5. The WOC is small like 7 inches long or so and is it the LV Batignoles a huge bag??
  6. I have both, a LV Batignole vertical and the WOC. Two very different bags, imo. LV BV is more like an everyday-use, casual work tote. It can fit a lot, light weight, maintainance free and stays comfortable on shoulders. It is "the" workhourse bag in my bag collection.

    WOC is one of the most versatile, in my opinion. The big plus for me is that it can be worn across the body. It is big enough to fit all of my essentials: car key, cell phone, lip gloss, cc cards and money, so it is great for travel and easy shopping trips in the mall. I plan to use WOC during travel as well. The passport will fit easily in the zipped compartment, and when worn across body or under arm, it can easily be hidden under clothing. It can be used as wallet, in a larger bag, or be used as a clutch during evenings out.

    I think both will have their places in a bag collection, just depending on your most urgent "need" at this moment....
  7. s7d5.scene7.com/is/image/eLuxury/p10885631_ph_hero?$hero$

    Pictured Above: Louis Vuitton Batignolles Horizontal Handbag
    Photo Credit: eLUXURY
  8. I don't have the WoC, but do have the Batignolles Horizontal. It is a great bag and holds a lot of stuff. But, I would be wary of using it at somewhere busy like a sporting event due to the open top. I would be afraid someone would reach in and take something out of my bag. Plus, you all ready have couple of other tote type bags. So, why not try a different shape/style. If you are going for hands free, the Eva clutch is beautiful. It comes with 2 different size straps so you can carry it by hand or on your shoulder. It might be long enough for cross body. The clutch is only $550, so plenty of money left over to get something else, such as a Speedy or maybe even a nice Chanel wallet. Just my 2 cents...
  9. The WOC is far more chic! :girlsigh:
  10. Sorry that the pic didn't copy. I'm having trouble finding one. Thanks, love my deals, I will check out the Eva also. I should clarify, by the way, that I go mostly to my son's sporting events, so not a big crowd! Just sometimes a less than ideal place to put my bag down.

    I know the bags are so different. I really want both :smile:, but I have to choose. I just appreciate the feedback.
  11. I have a metallic black reissue WOC and it doesn't have a logo, it has the madmoiselle lock. I absolutely love it. It is so small and chic, but looks sort of casual and hip when worn across the shoulder. Personally, I prefer the reissue WOCs. Also, this is a great bag for when you are out shopping because it is so light, but it will hold the bare minimums, also great for going to a party/club/restaurant, where you want a cute purse, but don't want to leave it unattended.
  12. I too have both and agree, both are very different bags with very different uses. At the moment though, I'm loving my WOC and have just bought another.
    The GST or Medallion tote could easily serve the same functions as the BH as they are both tote style bags.
    I think I'd go with the WOC. You won't be sorry.
  13. Any more advice? And if you think I should probably go for the WOC now, do you have any suggestions on another everyday bag to run to the grocery store or to a kids baseball game (not always a nice place to set your bag down). Also, do any of you have any problem with the LV logo bag? Wondering how people feel about it.
  14. The WoC is not an everyday bag. It's a large wallet. It barely holds anything that isn't really thin. I almost never use mine... just for evenings when I don't want to carry anything.
  15. I own several LV bags and never had any issues. If you want LV, but want it to be more subtle, go for the Damier ebene or Epi lines. I just bought the Damier Alma. I also own the Neverfull in Damier. Both bags are low maintenance. The Epi is also nice. It is all leather and simply has the LV on the corner. Both lines have the Speedy which is a great everyday bag. In the Damier pattern it ranges from $675 - $725 depending on the size of the bag.