Opinions Please, who has the large Ergo Turquoise Hobo?

  1. My outlet has the large Turquoise leather hobo that Jennifer (gettinpursesonal) has and she loves it, and it looks so cute with the keyfob. I do not think it slouches so much or takes form and gets as soft as the vintage. but it is cute, colorful and light..and holds a lot. The price is good and on clearance, about $209 and they are holding it for me until 5 pm. I really would appreciate all imput on all of you that have it. Prices are getting so high now on the new items, that I wonder if I should get a little color that is functional and goes with everything or if it is strictly a summer bag. I am in FL so color is always in here. Any opinions on this bag and how it looks and the color, comfort and size would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!
  2. I think that bag would be great for you! It is a wonderful way to give your collection some color, but it is also a very neutral bag--it goes with so much! I don' personally have one but regret letting that one get away b/c they sold out of the large turqouise very quickly.

    Also, if I remember, you have some back problems, and this bag is SOOO light. I love my Alis but this bag is much lighter and I carry it often for that reason.

    I vote go for it!
  3. I don't have this one but I love it. 200 is a great price. If I can get a nice coach bag for dooney prices I'm all over it lol. I hope there's good stuff at the vegas outlets next month!
  4. YEA, YEA, I love your idea!!! I have an air stepper and am working on the back..I am so jealous of the Ali support group. I feel left out. They were holding the bag for me anyway until 5 today. They said no conditioner necessary, and no moisturizer...YEA YEA for me!!!! I think it is sooo cute!!!! And I do love that color. By the way I also got a light, white bag...the chelsea print small white/beige and leather optic satchel with a matching wallet on eBay...It sold out in the stores. I cannot wait to get it. It was a great buy!!! Oh WOO HOO for me....Thanks Texas Momma...I had loved Jens bag and charm...No more now..help me out here ladies...Ban..needed... here. :yahoo:.
  5. I got this exact bag at the outlets on 4th of July and I love it! Yes, it is very light(so Comfortable!) but it also holds a ton. I'm also finding that it is a fairly neutral color. I've found it goes great with jeans and most of my tops in black, white, blues, greens and browns. And at this price, you can't pass it up:yes:
  6. Considering it's the same price as the small, it's an awesome deal.
    I like it. I have yet to carry mine but it fits all my stuff and it still lightweight. Kind of feels big on my shoulder, but I know I'll get used to it. I remember you posting about health issues. I think this bag would work great for you as it is very lightweight.
  7. i have the medium in white and absolutley love it. there is about a $50 price difference. i think you should go for it. it fits under the shoulder nicely, stays put and is sooo light..
  8. Actually after PT exercise, water aerobics and stair air stepper it feels fine. I find it comes and goes...I have some form of fibromyalgia..I would guess none of you have that...and that kicks up.,...every few months...then it goes away and i feel just great. You just have to eat right , walk, and rest...it is really not the bags,..but I am feeling really good now. I can always get it the bag tonight and just bring it back if it is not comfy....they are very nice at my outlet...Thanks for your concern. I appreciate it so much!!!i :smile:
  9. Is yours the ergo large , for this is pretty larte, or the cute tote I see in the picture, I am thinking and scheming here......I have to think of money too. The fall stuff looks great, but it very expensive now...I am sure it will be beautiful too!! Thanks!!!
  10. It is a simply great bag and being summer almost all year here , the color is neutral. I did not buy it last week. And the legacy lined tote was gorgeous but heavier and very big, for me at least, not for everyone. I did not know if this one would slouch much or be comfy, so I will just try it, nothing is reversible..They are very nice at my outlet. Thanks!!!!:tup:
  11. It is a good price , but DH is going nuts..He says I cannot have everything just for a good buy, LOL...have fun at the outlets...What did he never hear of returns? LOL:yahoo:
  12. I bought this bag with the last PCE. I haven't used it yet, but I definitely will at some point. It's GORGEOUS. I adore the vibrant color, and the shape. The large one (which is what I have) slouches beautifully. The smaller one really didn't, which is why I didn't like it. I just preferred the shape of the large. I would definitely say to get it if you like it. That price is great, and Coach doesn't often make super vibrant colors like that.
  13. I have this bag in the vachetta leather and LOVE it! The slouch on the large is just amazing, and it doesn't feel like a large bag at all. This is one bag I'd consider owning in several colors b/c it is just so amazingly functional. I hope you get it! The turquoise large is very hard to find at the outlets. I've seen several of the white (also gorgeous) and some of the white patent but not the turquoise.

    Good luck!
  14. I don't have one but boy it's a stunner! I love the turquoise...so elegant and understated!!!
  15. I have the large turquoise hobo and love it. Great color - goes with tons. I think in FL it would definitely be a year round bag. That is an amazing price.