Opinions please? Which watch to buy for Mom?

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  1. Ladies, need help! Me and my sister are planning to gift watches to Mom and Dad, for their 35th anniversary. We have zeroed in on an Omega for Dad but not able to decide for Mom!

    Looking for gold toned/ two toned watches, since she wears yellow gold jewelry. Her current watch is a Rado. Ideally I want it to be in the 2000-2500 USD range. Ideas please??
  2. Longines, Gucci, Michele, and Movado all have two-tone watches in that price range.
  3. Thanks!
  4. Tag Heuer.
  5. Yes, Tag Heuer Aquaracer or Links would be good choices.
  6. Thanks, will look into Tag heuer!
  7. baume and mercier, hampton, promesse. classima
    raymond weil tango, jasmine
    or longines, primaluna, dolce vita

    they have some elegant two tone options
  8. I have a Tag and love it!
    I'm probably close to your Mom's age and unless her eyesight is fantastic make sure the watch size is big enough to easily read. I love this Michele watch...a little bit of bling but good size (36mm) and easy to read. It is gold plated, though.

  9. I think it depends on your mom's style. I have several Michele watches, from sporty silver to blingy gold and 2-tone. I love all of them, and have been able to afford them at Watchstation Outlet or Nordstrom Rack for a fraction of the MSRP. However, I'd be over the moon if my son gifted me a Tag.
  10. If it was for my mother, I personally would pick the one that has the largest face or the largest numbers on it as eyesight gets worse the older they get.
  11. I have been looking at those exact longines watches :smile: Will look at the other ones too! Thanks!
  12. That's a gorgeous watch, thanks :smile:
  13. That's the idea, give her something that she would not buy for herself :smile: Being an older generation Indian; she would much rather spend her money on jewelry than on watches! We want to get her something classic that she can wear for a long time and will look classy for an older person to carry :smile: