Opinions Please! Which one????? Won't do anything without your advice!

  1. Hi ladies! I know i'll get great advice re: this high-class problem (:smile: ): ok, here's the thing:
    i have the Precious Symbols tote, it was on sale and i paid with tax, $987. Its an adorable bag, the small tote, very Palm Beachey and classic in a whimsical way and it expands so fits absolutely everything, Now, here's the world shaking, stunning thing: I have an opportunity to return it and get in its place the jumbo classic flap in that luscious blue fonce. Classic flap is $1,695 (since it was ordered pre-price increase, and its on its way but am under no obligation to actually buy it). With the return of the Precious Symbols, classic flap would end up costing me about $700 (with $100 gift card). HOWEVER, i was a good girl and had consolidated my 2 debts into one (this entailed totally paying off NM and Saks).
    Should i get the Classic flap anyway and have an extra new debt even if its $700, (which is breaking my rule of no more than one balance, as well as doing something that i may have to post as guilt threads in here for weeks to come and annoy you all with my whining :p ) or should i leave well enough alone and keep precious symbols bag, not incurring any more debt? ( already have the white jumbo classic flap)
    but blue ponce is GORGEOUS but my guilt threatens but i deserve it its all about me! Me Me Me Me roflmfao
    <thinks she sees a blue ponce ban coming.....::dep sighhh::
  2. If you feel like you can afford it and won't be haunted by guilt, then get it. If not, you already have a jumbo.
  3. If you are WILLING to let go of the symbols tote, you obviously must not LOVE it, otherwise the question of returning it wouldnt be an issue :smile:

    Just because its on sale, dosent mean its a "I have to have this NOW" type of thing...would have bought the tote had it NOT been on sale?? I think you should take back the tote and get the classic and just carry the 700$ debt, atleast its something you obviously would like to have. I dont know your finances, but if you can do it..then go for it! the color is gorgeous.

    just dont be a bad girl and keep accumulating debt hehe
  4. Hmmmmm. Tough call since I love the blue fonce. However, as much as I love my bags, I don't want to get in debt over them. Normally, I would say just bite the bullet and go for it but since I know you have a lovely collection of bags and I believe you have more in your future, only get it if you will not feel too guilty like Steph said. (Did I just talk with reason and sensibility about Chanel??? Whoa it is getting way too late here 3:30am...must go to sleep) Good luck with your decision.
  5. Purse, could you post a picture of the bag? I need to take a look before weighing in!
  6. I'd get the blue fonce. It sounds like you love that one more, and it's caviar leather, which holds up better and will always be "in" while I think the tote is a bit trendier. (The tote is part fabric, right?)
  7. Why would you say/write that????
    You need to do what you want, not what any of us tell you. Which bag do you REALLY want ????????????????
    Only YOU can answer this question.:yes: All of us are giving you OUR opinions.

    Do you want the Symbols Tote or do you want the blue jumbo ????
  8. ahhh girls thanks so much for your help...Rocker, i am embarrassed to admit that i havent learned yet how to post pics, Maxaluna and i are going to have a lil class for it at her house (with someone else to teach us, maybe her 10 year old Sasha, who is an extraordinarily smart young girl LOL) ok, here's the thing: i really don't want to incur any more debt...the blue fonce classic jumbo flap is gorgeous, but something about the precious Symbols tote....its an intriguing mix of trendy and classic because its sooooooooooo Chanel, like the kind of thing Coco would carry if she was a young girl today (other than her namesake bags lol)
    i dunno...mind isnt 1000 percent made up yet, but am hoping for divine intervention so the choice will be taken away from me, i.e., bag arrives and an SA mistakenly sells it to someone else, or bag gets lost in the mail, or bag turns a weird color other than ponce, en route, or bag gets bird flu......:nuts:
  9. I agree that as much as we all like bags, it is just not worth going into debt, especially if you are prone to feeling guilty about it.

    (We are so practical up in the Northwest:smile: )
  10. Claudia,
    It is very doubtful that the bag will contact bird flu on its way to you:roflmfao:
    So quit looking for divine intervention - after all we have already been given a divine intervention - GOOD COMMON SENSE!
    So put your big girl panties and make a decision - you and you only know whats best for you. Asking us Chanel addicts which one to keep is really taking a chance - you know me I would say keep both!!! LOL
  11. LOL..Go for it girl!!!..You KNOW you want it!!!!HEEHEE!
  12. I agree that if you will not feel guilty about it, then you should TOTALLY go for it!!!!! (I'm very very big on enabling.. :p) I personally went a tad bit (lol) into debt for my pre-increase purchase.. but I knew that I love it and would always love it..

    Plus, it helped that every time a smidge of guilt would creep into my head, just opening that BOX and looking at the gorgeous purse would just dispel all thoughts of doubt and make me smile the cheesiest grin ever! :p
  13. Purse: I kown EXACTLY how you feel about the precious symbols tote, did u get the black or the beige? It's just sooo unique and it's not seen around often, the vibe that it sends out is such a fresh air......I had a chance to own it, but returned it b/c of the glue problem and purchased a classic flap and patent leather bag instead. If possible, share a pix of you w/both bags so may be we can give you better judment?