opinions please: which hardware on a grass green brief?

  1. I'm definitely getting on the list for the brief in grass, and maybe in vert d'eau, too. But here's my question:

    Would the big gold hardware, which I like in general, be too bright on such a brightish green? Would the old hardware look better?

    Same question on the the sea green...

    I'd love to hear from people who are not opposed to the new hardware in theory, because I do like it - it's fun and different, and a nice change. Just not sure whether it's the best choice for either green. Thanks in advance.
  2. hi- I'd say get one color in brass, and one in the big shiny hardware. This way, one bag will be more "everyday" style and the other more dressy!
  3. I think the gold would "blend" into the vert d'eau. I do like the large gold studs but maybe in a darker color like black, truffle, or navy . If I had to choose between one or the other greens, then it's grass... ;)
  4. I am not a gold person so i would say go for the brass.:wlae:
  5. i thought that the brief was only coming out in the giant hardware and not the brass?
  6. Same thing here, that's what I heard too. I am not a "gold" girl but if I would prefer it with the more brownish tones, naturel, argile or truffe
  7. I just called BalNY and talked to a SA who told me that she was pretty certain that the Brief would be available in both Giant and regular hardware.
  8. is there a picture of the brief anywhere? :confused1: I have scanned the threads and can't find one so far..........
  9. yeah I called last week and they said Gold Hardware only..... I wish I could get a straight story... because I really want one with regular hardware
  10. I hope it's available in the brass - the gold ain't workin' for me. I say go with the brass Cuteusername, the gold's too big.
  11. I like the gold hardware but in the regular size. I don't like the oversized gold hardware, so I would go with the brass hardware myself...
  12. I would say do the gold with the grass green and the regular with the water green.
  13. Ditto! :yes:
  14. vert d'eau in the gold and grass green in the brass, imo :whistle:
  15. I second this one. :yes: